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Boston Reaction SolutionReal-life Friend’s Status Update:

I’m NOT necessarily criticizing the police — since I don’t know what they know — and I honestly don’t know what level of response is proportionate to the threat being faced right now, but I have to be honest in saying that I can’t help but feel at least somewhat uncomfortable about the scenes coming out of Watertown. Door to door home searches. Forcing people to completely strip their clothes in the street, etc. What are your thoughts? Is it too soon to start hashing this out? Probably. But I have feelings right now and you probably do too. It’s OK for us to discuss, no?

Friend #1 of my Friend, leaves comment (after dozens of other comments):

The entire history of the FBI via COINTELPRO, etc. is waging war on their own people. It’s corrupt at the very top, and we should not be viewing them as saviours, and *definitely* should not be cheering on martial law. I have friends in Boston, and it’s a total police state right now. Meanwhile, we have no evidence shown that these guys are actually the bombers, and looking at the profile of the second guy and what people are saying about him, it seems pretty unlikely. Yet people believe whatever the fuck the media tells them. Naive.

Friend #2 of my Friend, leaves next comment:

No evidence to show? Thanks! I haven’t laughed like that in a while? R u bein sarcastic? With the No evidence bid? Lets pray ur just joshin around

My response to this network, and anyone else interested:

Thank you good friend! My heart goes out to victims and their microcosms everywhere, and to all of my friends in or from Massachusetts, and continue to condemn violence everywhere. <3

I apologize for the length and intensity of the following window to my mind, but wish to share the best of my current understanding. I find the following aspects of this case much more relevant and important than questions of such suspects being enemy combatants or criminals? In my humble logic, we should not treat any citizen as an enemy combatant unless we have declared some kind of civil war. The label of Enemy Combatants is another tool of violence just like the newest unnecessary weapons used by governments and citizens alike. With so many such tools at their disposal, I believe the reaction to these kinds of events must begin to focus much more on better root solutions.

The very framing of your comment show’s how unfortunately painful, awkward, and fear-based our collective situation is. I don’t think it’s just a scary level of clampdown. It’s so scary that you were nervous to even ask the question. Too soon? It’s probably much more constructive and productive to respectfully discuss tragic events as they are happening (to the degree we have credible info). If we wait too long, the government’s escalatory reactions can’t be minimized in real time by our people power.

Your initial framing was more in terms of police actions, but they are generally only following orders (and hOpefully often NOT -~, so I do not see your questions or opinions as too critical of police in general. Police orders over the past dozen years are increasingly militarized (also due to the overlapping $1 trillion+, three decade War On Drugs), centralized, and standardized more seemingly by the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Homeland Security side of map. The majority of these organizations are also mostly filled with culturonormatively well-intentioned people, also mostly compartmentalized, following orders and standard procedures…similar to police and military hierarchies. Information sharing tools like Fusion Centers ( have also been greatly expanded over the past ten years aiding centralized systems.

The Martial Law (literally, initiation orders presumably also come from closer to the top, so most any cops and agents on the ground likely have limited SOP choices once an “Emergency” has been declared. These standards are likely to err on the side of more hostile since this is a ‘war on terror’, as the puppets dub it, albeit without any clear or Congressionally/Constitutionally pronounced boundaries.

But the terrorizing enemy is still largely smoke in mirrors. Unfortunately, there are horrific events that get publicized 24/7 for weeks, and others that are just one side-note. Not just the terror our government directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally finances abroad, but at home too. Both the instigating media-pimped violence and ignored violence can get very bizarre a scratch or two below the surface.

Unfortunately, Friend #1’s above comment doesn’t seem too off the mark to me in this case, and many events we’ve lived through. Hello Friend #2 and some weird network of networks. It’s impossible to both succinctly sum up and document the entire history of COINTELPRO, but here’s a few starting sources listings Wikipedia, Mother Jones, The New York Times, and The Corbett Report. There’s also the European recent history of Operation Gladio, state-sponsored but covert domestic campaigns of false flag terror. Starter documentation: Wikipedia and The Corbett Report.

Sorry for the depressing but hopefully informative info bomb. Take Everything Everywhere with moderate salt, as we might have decades until state secrets expire. I’m not saying every terrorist event is a tool of some FBI informant or some agent/tool used and sacrificed, but it should pretty much Always be assumed at least one realistic possibility. Without intent to offend anyone, it honestly makes me nervous how many people find these historically likely realities to be laughable.

For a change, the mainstream media must publicly admit my kind of dissent exists and is apparently doing so a bit more for this case than in the past…though surely still blanket labeling as ‘conspiracy theories’. But two confused young extremists planning, then acting to blow up and shoot people would be a conspiracy, and is therefore simply the ‘official conspiracy theory’ until enough hard evidence can really prove any side. And if ‘our’ government cannot produce such hypothetical solid evidence due to national security (eg. 9/11 investigations), and yet we are subject to the new emergency laws resulting from the post-panic of such horror (eg. USA Patriot Act), then our form of representative government has the furthest thing from an informed and empowered populace (eg. stripped of most rights on as-needed basis). Remember, the Associated Press told us there was a video of them dropping a bag, but it nor any other real evidence has been shared [yet].

I have not yet delved into all the contradictions and inconsistencies of this most recent tragedy. But here are the most interesting little red flags I’ve already easily found which better overlap with the current alternative narratives than the mainstream. There were drills in progress parallel to the real events, as runner Alaistar Stevenson said, “At the starting line this morning, they had bomb sniffing dogs and the bomb squad out there. … They kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were running a training exercise.” The FBI says/admits they questioned the suspects in 2011. Also, the suspects’ mother seems quite informed of our country’s history outlined above and is already either crying wolf, whistle-blowing, or misinforming for some even more convoluted conspiracy. She claims her sons were setup by the FBI:

That would make the alternative narrative something closer to: impressionable young ~immigrant radicals coaxed by FBI to do something horrific whether it got a bit out of hand or not. Pure side-conjecture: perhaps the kids realized they were being used and felt an instinctive and/or culturally conditioned need to fight back against the small army hunting them. Then the local and national governments briefly and experimentally implementing martial law on a US city.

Should the alternative narrative be closer to reality than whatever current narratives are being woven for the world propaganda cycles, then interpreting this entire situation changes dramatically. Does this police state experiment, false flag initiated or not, also set a precedent? Do we the people find this acceptable? I most certainly do not. I also do not fully know how to stop them, but perhaps bombarding public offices with phone calls of protest from our homes would be a worthy first step (if those tools are shut down during a declared ’emergency’).

Our government and it’s overlapping corporate-interest conglomerate MSM happily feed us so many harmful lies with short and long-term consequences from day to day. Why should we believe them any more during a time of crisis? Without adequate open source information from the public, they just pass us statements from the state and it’s protected mutual corporate interests.

So during the panic of a Problem, a true life-or-death crisis, we must strive to at least partially stay calm enough to think and act soundly during our Reaction. Otherwise, the Solution desired from the initial aggressor is likely to play out as they have plan…as we have not personally planned for such a scenario.

‘Our’ Reaction within mainstream narrative: Martial Law terrorizes major city, adding to initial fear of ~radical ~religious ~groups or ~lone~wolf-style terror. ‘Terrorists’ won, with ‘terrorists’ meaning mostly radical religious ‘enemy’ of the year/century.

‘Our’ Reaction from ~currently ~likely alternative analysis: Martial Law experiment on major city successfully practices control and imposes fear, following state-sponsored covert poor sap partial-victim/patsy terror. ‘Terrorists’ won, with ‘terrorists’ here meaning covert and rogue government operatives and their military-industrial friends and interests, (and at least some of their assets win).

Time will provide more hints as to the closer reality. Either way, I think it’s a really dangerous precedent, should almost be a warning to all residents, and should be protested. Unless strongly discouraged, the complex will keep pumping out headlines like, “Thank you, Big Brother: Do cities need more surveillance?”,

Terror ‘real’ or ‘manipulated’, this populace programming helps mentally prepare and train the wider populace for the — I truly hope not eventual — nation-wide version of such emergency law. Without protesting a police state, do we not passively consent? If something much larger happens (which the MSM constantly fear-mongers about), what stops Obama or any future President from running a larger experiment before we even have access to any of the information of the hypothetical situation. Such performances akin to real-life Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds are possible, ‘entitling’ yet another advancement in Orwell’s real-life Eastasia, foreign or domestic.

I know it is somewhat different with the apparent IEDs in this Boston incident, but I was still living just outside of Washington DC during the ‘Beltway sniper attacks’ of 2002 . Some of those took place where I used to bike around as a kid, and one just three blocks from my house where my parents still live. Martial law was not implemented as far as I know, so it’s an interesting comparison for me to think about. Now ten years more radical, perhaps I should do some research on those events some time.

Please keep this in mind too, beautiful brothers and sisters. Without considering any alternative narratives during times of public/violence crisis, it is impossible to test each theory against new information as it develops. It is more accurate to compare all the most credible facts to as many credible possible narratives as possible. This is much easier to do by always considering all possibilities and methodically checking what adds up most rationally. I like to check the most credible alternative news sources, at first ignore their content only reading their sources, come to my own initial conclusion, then consider hearing out their take on the whole narrative. My favorite, well documented alternative sources are and .

To get some positive light in the rabbit holes, enter one more overlap with recent events: Big Pharma’s mood-altering medication and shootings. 30 years of mass shootings data collected by Mother Jones ( shows only 15 of 62 terrorists/victims showed no prior signs of mental health and many are confirmed to be on medications. It also shows only one was a female. Not only do distressed mental states seem instrumental in self-made terrorists, but makes tools or patsies that much more impressionable and pliable. So I find this related topic pretty applicable to both mainstream and alternative narratives.

MY PREFERRED SOLUTIONS…a heavy, depressing rant this long deserves my preferred light directions.

‘Terrorism’ will not end alone by controlling various scales of various weapons or tools in the hands of citizens or police. Most terrorism is directly or indirectly state-sponsored. Martial Law is not a reasonable solution, and like the strategy of counterinsurgency, only creates blow-back and escalates violence. Our military occupies countries and, by definition, must impose some level of martial law there, surely creating inspired radicals there. Does anyone know how pissed informed anarchists in Boston are right now?

Real Solutions Options: Stop terrorizing, invading, conquering, and occupying sovereign nations. It creates more terrorists, is violent, and is wrong. To me, this minimally means pulling all troops out of all countries and de-militarizing the military (and police) only capable of preventing invasion on are soil (if that is a possible compromise). I think this would help reduce the overall gun size and count in the country with less theoretical need to protect one’s self and family from a government gone tyrannical (how many/most right-wing extremists and myself largely interpret the 2nd amendment). I am not sure all the votes in the world will be able to accomplish those solutions. So disbanding the state and peacefully asserting ourselves as sovereign citizens free to create and self-manage our communities and lives might also more purely accomplish this solution. Either way, we must remedy the injustices which create terror.

‘Freak Mass Violence’ will not end by different scales of different weapons or police tools. I imagine the rare mind on a murderous rampage with the most primitive of instincts and adrenaline functioning can usually find methods for violence and the weapons available (eg. massive cars are everywhere). The stupid weapons are controlled by the current legal state of some weird type of arms race, and I do support deescalating such races. But it would not affect the root issues, and is not worth the painful political capital required for any of these kinds of moves…for some reason. The most tragic acts of violence in our country are usually caused by people with mental health issues, often on psychotropic medications.

Real Solutions Options: Doctors and patients can stop taking medications known to be dangerous (unlike cannabis and other natural plants), not to mention passing them through to our water supply, and can urge votes against government giveaways to Big Pharma. Healthier diets of non-processed foods would also likely create a much more mentally healthy population. Encouraging, and positively reinforcing masculine identities with less associated violence might also help in the longer run.

Solutions ideally applied within mainstream narrative: Citizens have less terror and fear, less need for weapons to ‘protect against government’, ‘terrorists’ have less need to terrorize as our government would do not terrorize and occupy their homeland. Win, win.

Solutions ideally applied within alternative narratives: Citizens have less terror and fear, the few true terrorists out there are less inspired, the military is hopefully largely de-funded and dis-empowered, the minimal defensive violent forces left do not follow unconstitutional orders, money goes back to people or actually constructive projects. Win, win.

This is a bias, over-simplified, game theory style analysis, and it is way too soon for any concrete-seeming degrees of certainty on any aspect of this Boston Marathon. But hopefully this line of reasoning and example aids in how I strive to approach what reactions and solutions are most appropriate to our problems. I think to best achieve the goals of avoiding these tragic events, such strategies would have a deescalating effect and have far more net positive impact that any of the proposed solutions about to be sold over the mainstream airwaves with current winds.

He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. The military-industrial complex (with allies and states) is the direct or indirect cause of almost all cycles of terror. Terror cannot end unless the whole military-industrial complex ends. Period.

I Love You All <3 !

London 2012 Olympics – Considering Possibilities, Hoping For The Best

So we often give a listen to weathermen to be more prepared for our day or weekend. It’s impossible for them to be 100% accurate making predictions within a complex and chaotic system, but perhaps we’ll bring an umbrella with us. Similarly, many of us participating in the world of alternative open source information often here more “chatter” surrounding certain dates and events, and it’s tough to know what to do with such clues with so much disinformation in the world.

Unfortunately the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London is one such major event, and many open minds around the world are very concerned about the possibility of yet another false flag terrorist attack followed by further escalations of war. We often feel a need to share these possibilities in advance as much as we hope the predictions are wrong, in hopes of either helping prevent such events from happening at all or improving the public’s reaction in a worst case scenario.

I will not describe all the red flags which have alerted me to this possibility, but I recommend starting with a decent video titled “The 2012 Olympic Games Exposed” (two parts, 21 min, by Truth777Exposed). But it’s not just the alternative world filled with chatter, just yesterday the Associated Press widely published that “British authorities have planned for a threat level for the London games of ‘severe,’ meaning an attack is ‘highly likely.'”

Einstein is said to have said, “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” In our world we have a core problem of violence by ‘authorized’ governments and their associates. We cannot end this cycle with any more violence, and ours must be a Peaceful Revolution. So alleged terrorists and rogue covert operatives: please help us create a world we can all thrive in, and please refuse your orders.

And citizens, IF something horrific does occur at the Olympics, especially during the opening ceremony on 7/27/12, please stay calm and as skeptical as possible. If there is a bomb, nuke, chemical, biological, or even some kind of crazy alien-seeming attack we MUST not respond with violence nor centralized compliance. We must immediately call for an end to ALL of our current wars, instead of starting new ones or World War III.

Finally, to balance the number of thoughts envisioning these painful possibilities, please take a moment and picture the successful version of the week. First, in the case that something awful does happen, picture millions of your fellow citizens, police, and military around the world peacefully occupying our governments to prevent retaliatory violence. And better, now picture no attack happening at all…with the event ending and a winners podium filled with three of your favorite intellectual heroes.

Please be aware of the possibilities, brothers and sisters, but please also vividly envision the world we want to see instead. Thank you so much.

#CallingCongress: No War With Iran! (Jan 13)

Stream on YouTube:
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It only takes a couple minutes! Call your representatives today!..about any issue you find important. This is a very important aspect of democracy.

In this episode of #CallingCongress, I present calls to one of my senators, Dianne Feinstein, and to President Barack Obama’s office. I request they firmly reject the current escalation to war with Iran happening now, and to reject any such war in the future…NO MATTER THE JUSTIFICATION given like another false flag terrorist attack in America or Israel.

War is simply NOT appropriate and does NOT solve any of the problems the people of earth face!

‘War on Terror’ Narrative Case Study: The Christmas Day Bombing Attempt

aka Die Hard Like It’s 2009!
Essay↓ Assumptions↓ Data Dump↓ Stocks

A couple days after Christmas, a loved one asked me if my gut said this terrorist attempt was a false flag event or other not as officially covered. My reply was yes, but that much more research was needed for a more serious response. So the primary goal of this narrative case study is to clarify the kind of research and mental processes many alternative media followers and researchers use to read between the lines of mass media. This is always research in progress, and there is not yet any specific group(s) to blame beyond the obvious, but we can at least trace some indicators we see in many other narratives, past and present…
  • Early planning and implementation stages of research, function and integration of new ‘security’ technologies
  • Security versus privacy discussions with slow, gradual mental conditioning of the masses to accept the desired changes, whether or not the propaganda succeeds
  • Testing implementation of technology and related propaganda in small locals long before creating a nationwide policy (no, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this process, but it does point to some level of conscious intent)
  • The rarity of alternative analysis evidence breaking out for a full news cycle in the mainstream discussion, reaching echo chamber status and becoming a ‘valid’ talking point (all these seem to be relative whitewash in this case study)
  • Parallel implementation, media spin and narratives in other ‘developed’ countries
  • Sometimes finding the key differences in the coverage between the different ‘developed’ countries expand perspective on an issue ten-fold (nothing big in this case study)
Full disclosure: immediately after learning of these impressive naked x-ray body scanners in December, i fundamentally disagreed with widespread use of this new technology on moral and privacy grounds. As a Burner who does get nude when the time and place is right, it would surely be a different discussion if public nudity was not so taboo. But with today’s social norms it is definitely unreasonable (Fourth Amendment style) to perform any equivalence of a strip search on everyone boarding every plane, and it seems high standards of reasonable, documented suspicion should be required for boarding any plane or even passing through Customs.

Comparison of international media coverage before, during and after the event often teaches new facts and shines light if any narratives are being sold at home. This particular narrative is part of a 10 YEAR documented effort to trade new specific privacy concessions for new false senses of security when boarding planes. Testing in a few airports in a country at a time, [AP, 1999] we have gradually been prepared for this. They have used this time to hone their messaging and propaganda arguments for the inevitable nationwide discussion on whether the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) should even be using these. In different local trials, results are always promoted as very favorable. [London Guardian, Independent, CSMonitor] Manufacturers would also simultaneously discuss both how high-resolution details were required in order for the machines to be effective [Washington Times] and how they blur the images for privacy (presumably reducing their effectiveness). [UK Daily Mail] The manufacturers have gone through countless difference animation styles in search for the proper balance of security and privacy, [Global Security, London Telegraph] but either way, England has drawn a line where they consider its use child porn. [The Register, London Guardian] Promoters of the technology have always insisted that all the images captured are immediately destroyed, [CNN] like the London Evening Standard just days before a Bollywood superstar autographed print-outs for girls running his naked body scan in February. [ACLU]

To this day, naked x-ray scanning is voluntary
in the places the machines are installed, and “more intense” pat-down searches are offered as the alternative, [AP] but given the decade of novel infringements of our rights, we cannot afford to give up any more fundamental ground we are pushed toward raising the bar yet another notch. [Chicago Tribune, BBC] A few years ago, the UK started the discussion of also adding similar x-ray scanners into their jaw-dropping arsenals of cameras on city streets! [BBC] The mainstream media is already starting to line up the next manufactured security need, as real terrorists can still take their cause one step forward by putting explosives in a body cavity. [UK Daily Mail, New York Post]

If they are implemented on a larger scale as an optional choice to a pat-down, then they can be avoided and are logically useless. Some experts have even demonstrated how these machines might be worked around by hypothetical terrorists. [The Register] If they will be required for all searches of that level, then would they want to use a virtual strip search to search many more people who they wouldn’t regularly strip search?
So what, other than pure profit-maximizing greed, could the real motive of advance this security arms race? This seems at best a modest transfer of wealth, and at worst a self-fulfilling prophecy for increased terrorism and erosion of constitutional rights.

These are some examples of the narrative’s red flags of consistent messaging/conditioning. These
omissions of certain topics in the mainstream debate increases suspicion that this event was, in some way, staged by some [small] component[s] of the military-intelligence-industrial complex. The primary motives are assumed to at least be what we’ve historically seen: short and/or long-term profit while tip-toeing forward a reduction of individual privacy. It is also interesting that when state legislatures pass pro-active laws to protect from more widespread us of similarly invasive technologies, [Idaho Reporter] they are generally generalized as paranoid nuts or coverage focuses on straw man religious arguments instead of constitutional or law-based arguments. [MSNBC]

Since performing the majority of my historical narrative research on this topic in mid-January, a bit more information has been confirmed which seriously conflict with the official story still being referenced weekly.
Alex Jones/Infowars/Prison Planet and his now rapidly increasing ~3 million weekly listeners have become something of a hub in the alternative media world, similar to WikiLeaks. One of his listeners was a lawyer from Michigan named Kurt Haskell was one of the first-hand eye-witnesses on the plan, and his story which after being shared with the Infowars audience was covered locally in Michigan Live on Dec 31, Jan 2 and others, but not picked up at all by any other mainstream media except 5 minutes on NPR. His story includes these highlights:
  • There was initially a second man on the plane (his “man in orange”) who was arrested/being held and who allegedly videotaping the incident.
  • A sharp dressed “Indian man” attempting to talk a ticket agent into letting a supposed “Sudanese refugee” (Abdulmutallab) onto flight 253 without a passport.
  • If his eye witness account is false, it could easily be proven by releasing the Amsterdam airport video tapes showing the “sharp dressed man”.


His story was officially denied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for about a month, until being confirmed in just a few mainstream places in the next month as the story faded and the presumed truth is used as justification for future measures. The Detroit News, Jan 27 covered some alternate aspect of this event, but has now taken this article down from their own web site, among others, Terror suspect kept visa to avoid tipping off larger investigation:

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would’ve foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

ABC News, Jan 22 also gave it the final three short paragraphs in a two-page online article with the unrelated headline, Alert: Female Suicide Bombers May Be Heading Here From Yemen:


As part of the additional scrutiny, federal agents are conducting extensive background checks on every passenger who flew to Detroit on the Northwest flight in case one of them might have been sent as a “spotter” on the mission. Federal agents also tell they are attempting to identify a man who passengers said helped Abdulmutallab change planes for Detroit when he landed in Amsterdam from Lagos, Nigeria. Authorities had initially discounted the passenger accounts, but the agents say there is a growing belief the man have played a role to make sure Abdulmutallab “did not get cold feet.”


The mainstream media brings up other obvious factors of the investigation related to previous knowledge and information gathering on this alleged terrorist, [ABC] or with his father alerting US officials in advance. [CNN, BBC] But currently, this alternative analysis of events does get a significant mention on Wikipedia, but it is not even being discussed enough to be denied by the mainstream media. It would be more satisfying if some of these harder questions were at least brought up by the US mainstream media, instead of this drum beat to trade more security for privacy. [McClatchy] In this case, and the status quo, the corporate media left and right usually aren’t interested in solve any underlying problems. They enjoyed focusing on things like…
Neither side wanted to ask: Should the less ethical parts of our government/security-complex have better planned or enabled this drill/false flag terrorist attempt in advance, for a faster roll-out of these shiny new machines we already budgeted and bought…to save our tax dollars on the psychological warfare convincing us we need all this? (*tongue, cheek*)

Similar to the sting felt every subsequent time the official story of 9/11 is used to justify policy, i will continue to cringe every time this Christmas Day Bombing Attempt is used as an example of recent terrorist attacks on the US which demand forcing solutions of varying oppression/freedom to people around the world.


↑ EssayAssumptions↓ Data Dump↓ Stocks

General Background Assumptions

False flags and acts of treason stay quiet longest by requiring as few people involved as possible. So the benefit of the doubt is generally given to the vast majority of the people involved in such a ‘conspiracy,’ as they do not realize any involvement. Following the motive, money, media,
name and organization trails, the owners, stakeholders of the suspicious organizations (and their associates who also profit) almost always have the most to gain, but does not make them guilty, even by association. Nonetheless, the question is important: Who has motives enough to justify such costs to innocent life, liberty or justice?

Historically, those most effectively controlling populations almost always use The Hegelian Dialectic, [Wikipedia] aka the Problem Reaction Solution paradigm, to progress their agendas
generally in three steps:
1. Create or exploit a problem, blaming it on others
2. The people react by asking for help, and are willing to trade something

3. Offer the solution that was planned long before the crisis
Deconstructing A Narrative: Data Dump

I’ve cataloged over 200 mainstream articles
here in my documentation database beyond the highlights in the data dump below:

The media coverage of the privacy debate on these naked x-ray scanners goes back over 10 years. Here is a simplified time line of personal highlights, mingling multiple sides to this narrative with articles in
GREEN if they are generally supporting/within the official narrative/discussion, and in RED if they contradict/hurt at least some aspect of the promoted narrative. This is a crude 0/1 spectrum, but also just the first experiment, advice welcome.

Washington PostDec 30, 1999 – 6 international airports in the US start offering naked x-ray scanners as alternative to a pat-down search. The ACLU raises flags immediately. American Science and Engineering Inc was building them.

Seattle TimesOct 23, 2001 – Mentioned, post-9/11, as another security option. ACLU advocates a go-slow approach, “If there is a less-invasive alternative, it should be used.”



New York Times
Aug 8, 2002 – Bob Barr, John Edwards and Charles Schumer request a programming change to blur body parts but still detect weapons.

London Telegraph
Aug 11, 2002 – First mention found of Rapiscan/OSI Systems building and supplying naked x-ray scanners for TSA. First UK media hit.

Wall Street JournalJuly 3, 2003 – Mission Accomplished a year and a half after Richard Reid’s Shoe bombing attempt… “Ever since Richard Reid was caught on an airliner trying to detonate plastic explosives in one of his shoes, passengers have had to endure occasional footwear inspections in the airport.”


New ScientistJuly 12, 2004 – Announcement that Smiths Detection (of Smiths Group) is starting to work on the naked x-ray scanners, later purchased by TSA.

London Times
Nov 7, 2004– First time naked body scanners used in random UK airport security searches in London Heathrow. Default search, with an opt-out for a hand search.

Boston Globe
Dec 28, 2004
– “The technology has proven itself in prisons and among Customs and Border Protection agents who use it to search for drugs, illegal weapons, and contraband.” But what would happen, he wondered, if people began outsmarting the technology? ”It would be easy for people to start wearing clothes that are hard to X-ray. If so, then, what’s the point?”

Baltimore Sun
Dec 31, 2004
– “For most people, even frequent flyers, this low exposure is probably safe – it would take at least 2,500 scans a year to reach the maximum recommended exposure. In fact, it’s less than the background radiation from the cosmic rays that you get from flying cross-country, far less than a dental X-ray, hundreds of thousands of times less than a whole body CT scan and millions and millions of times less than X-rays used to treat, say, prostate cancer.”

The Register
(UK) July 11, 2005 – Report says the naked x-ray machines made by QinetiQ in the UK, at the time, would probably not have stopped the 7/7 London Underground bombings.

Washington Post
Mar 4, 2007 – “When American Science and Engineering, which makes the backscatter machines, introduced the technology in prisons nine years ago, the point was to replace strip searches.” reprints in a few local papers

Technology Review
Oct 30, 2009
– How some of these Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA A new model of the way the THz waves interact with DNA explains how the damage is done and why evidence has been so hard to gather.

Dec 14, 2009
(airline industry news outlet) – Transportation Security Administration buy Rapiscan Systems and Smiths Detection machines in the next 30 days, but already had some steps in motion.

Smiths Group
Dec 23, 2009!
(Press Release) – Pitch for Smiths Medical, but mentions their Smiths Detection branch. This timing is curious, but may be for the ‘coincidence theorists’.

Dec 25, 2009Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s crotch bombing attempt

Dec 26, 2009 – Passenger: Terror suspect seemed ‘stunned’. A man, sitting three or four rows behind Jafry jumped over a group of seats, tackled the suspect and put him in a headlock.

Associated PressDec 26, 2009 – “US officials knew name of terror suspect who tried to blow up airliner in Detroit – King, the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, said no federal air marshals were on the flights from Nigeria to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Detroit. Abdulmutallab did not go through full-body image screening at either airport, the congressman said.”

Michigan Live
Dec 26, 2009
– First coverage of Kurt Haskell’s story: Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport ( exclusive)…While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, ‘He’s from Sudan and we do this all the time.’”

Dec 27, 2009
– Summarizes the official corporate media whitewash analysis of this story: “Father alerted US about Nigerian plane bomb suspect.”…”US sources confirm a file was opened, but say the information did not warrant placing the accused on a “no-fly” list. Airports worldwide have increased security after the alleged attack.”

Dec 28, 2009
– This really shows the system worked because he had to smuggle a bomb that was so difficult to ignite.

National Public Radio
Dec 28, 2009
– NPR Interviews Mark Haskell! “Did someone help Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab get onboard the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit? Well, according to two American passengers on Flight 253, an older man – tall and elegantly dressed – accompanied the young Nigerian to a counter before boarding. And they say the older man explained to a woman at the counter that the younger man had no passport.”

Michigan Live
Dec 29, 2009
– Kurt and Lori Haskell talk Flight 253, passport ‘accomplice’ and FBI questioning – This week, he and his wife shared their story with several national media outlets.

The Detroit News
Dec 30, 2009
– One of a few mainstream acknowledgments of Kurt Haskell’s account: ‘Ron Smith, chief Customs and Border Protection officer in the Detroit field office, said passengers from Flight 253 are likely giving accurate accounts when they say they saw dogs sniffing bags in the luggage area and a man led away in handcuffs shortly after they got off their Christmas Day flight on which a man created a small fire while trying to detonate explosive chemicals hidden under his clothes. ‘There was a second person taken into custody, but it had nothing to do with Flight 253,’ Smith said. ‘They did see dogs, but again, it was a totally different incident.'”
— I am also very pleased to announce that it is the first interesting article quickly removed by a mainstream news source which my InfoWarDocs database has been able to archived here via its automated backup. My crude script often gives this very rough layout, but all the original text content has been preserved.

Xinhuanet (China) Dec 30, 2009One of only a few articles found mentioning the stocks of any related companies, who benefits. Almost only in international news, and Business Week. Thanks China.

Democracy Now
Dec 30, 2009
– A Look at Obama’s Handling of the Case and the Media’s Coverage. President Obama has acknowledged that a “systemic failure” of the nation’s intelligence and security measures paved the way for last week’s aborted bomb attack on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Boston Globe
Jan 2, 2010 – A more heavily covered aspect: The Chertoff Group, Michael Chertoff’s security consulting agency, includes a client that manufactures the machines. In the summer, TSA purchased 150 more machines from Rapiscan with $25 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.
Jan 4, 2010 – American Science and Engineering announces $39 million dollar govt contract for cargo x-ray machines.

St Petersburg Times
Jan 5, 2010 – The Transportation Security Administration last week awarded a contract to L-3 Communications to buy up to $165 million worth of its ProVision scanners. The TSA recently said it ordered 150 Rapiscan scanners to be installed this year and had funding for an additional 300 from an unidentified source.

Jan 5, 2010
– Olbermann – Detroit bomber intel failure: ‘Conspiracy or cock up?’ “That has got to be an area that the White House is looking into and, you know, motives can be hard to assess because it’s not clear that this person was easily identified as a terrorist. Even with the father coming forward saying they had concerns, was that more of a family concern or were there enough fingerprints here about the radicalization of this individual to suggest that it should have been taken to a different level – at the very least a security level beyond more than a nominal sharing of information. That’s where this inquiry, this internal inquiry, for the moment, has to go.”

Toledo Blade
Jan 8, 2010 – Obama orders $1B spent in advanced-technology equipment, including body scanners, for screening passengers at airports.

Jan 12, 2010 – Poll: Most Americans would trim liberties to be safer – The survey found 51 percent of Americans agreeing that “it is necessary to give up some civil liberties in order to make the country safe from terrorism.” At the same time, 36 percent agreed that “some of the government’s proposals will go too far in restricting the public’s civil liberties.”

Jan 22, 2010– Authorities were watching different Nigerian on Christmas Day flight – Emmanuel Chukwu shared the same travel itinerary with Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the suspect in the unsuccessful attempt to blow up the Amsterdam, Netherlands-to-Detroit flight. Both men were originally from Nigeria and had studied as engineers. – Federal agents pulled Chukwu aside for several hours of intense screening when Northwest 253 landed in Detroit, shortly after authorities say AbdulMutallab tried to set off an explosive device concealed in his underwear.

London Guardian
Jan 26, 2010 – UK goes ahead and announced the pat-down will NOT be an alternative to the naked x-ray when it goes on trial a week from now in Heathrow airport.
The Detroit News Jan 27, 2010 – Admission that AbdulMutallab was more than just on a list, but actively being used in part of a larger project. “Revocation action would’ve disclosed what they were doing,” Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Allowing Adbulmutallab to keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working with, “rather than simply knocking out one solider in that effort.”

Kurt Haskell via Prison Planet
Jan 30, 2010
– “Since our flight landed on Christmas Day, Lori and I have been doing everything in our power to uncover the truth about why we were almost blown up in the air over Detroit. The truth is now finally out after the publication of the following Detroit News article”

UK Daily Mail
Jan 30, 2010 – “Terrorists ‘plan attack on Britain with bombs INSIDE their bodies’ to foil new airport scanners”

Feb 1, 2010 – “‘No scan, no flight’ at Heathrow and Manchester”…”It is now compulsory for people selected for a scan to take part, or they will not be allowed to fly. The new security rules have been introduced following the attempt to blow up a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day.”

Feb 5, 2010 – Airport Body Scanning Raises Radiation Exposure, Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety says

Times of India
Feb 9, 2010 – Australia to introduce body scanners after failed US attack

IBN Live
Feb 10, 2010 – New 3D scanner at airports not to show body parts – Canada has also ordered installation of 44 scanners at all its important airports.

American Civil Liberties Union
Feb 10, 2010 – Body Scanner = Naked Movie Star Pictures; That Didn’t Take Long – We’re not the type to say “I told you so.” Alright maybe we are. In this case we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Feb 17, 2010 – Accused Christmas Bomber Listened to Music, Slept – “Well, I mean, it was a threat, of course, it was a threat because initially, he was trying to blow up the plane but he didn’t succeed. I mainly treat him this way because of how he reacted towards what he was doing. And what his actions told me on the plane was that he was in over his head, and that he didn’t exactly know what he was doing would entail.”

March 16, 2010 – U.S. air travelers complain about body scans

Chicago Tribune
March 16, 2010 – Body scans eventually mandatory, TSA official says – Currently, air travelers have the option to submit to a pat-down and metal-detecting wanding. – “We expect at some point all passengers will receive a body scan”

April 21, 2010 – Groups ask DHS to suspend full-body imagers – More than 30 privacy and civil liberties groups are asking the Department of Homeland Security to suspend the use of full body imagers at airports, saying there is evidence that privacy safeguards don’t work and the devices are not effective.

So it was announced on Dec 14th that the companies building and selling the selected machines, Rapiscan Systems (interestingly run by Deepak Chopra) and Smiths Detection (British company), that the TSA would buy their machines in the next 30 days {ATW}, and i performed many thorough Google News searches in January to compile a history of this shorter narrative. Starting with a more general searches like: “X-ray body scanners terrorists“, sorted by date, then start filtering by eye for articles related to this kind of x-ray technology.  Google News archive searches were also done, sorted by date, for each of the companies now making the x-ray naked scanning machines for airports, and each of the terrorists.

Though i was later able to find some more articles with different searches, this acted as one benchmark of how likely most people had heard the news on this terrorism narrative around Christmas. Google News, Default (Recent) Searches done in mid-January:

Rapiscan – 13 Pages, but only one article before Christmas, on Dec 14th
Smiths Detection – 6 Pages, about a dozen articles before Christmas mostly on announcement of new VP, earliest was Dec 14th
American Science and Engineering – 4 Pages, all after Christmas, earliest Dec 28, 2009

ICx Technologies – 8 Pages, all after Christmas, earliest Dec 30, 2009

You might notice how parallel the United Kingdom paths on homeland security and privacy, it’s often described as the Anglo-American Empire, they’re usually a few years ahead of us. Also notice (by article tags) how long the ACLU has been fighting this.

Since Christmas, the media coverage of course skyrockets, but the basic discussion is the same as it has been for 10 years. But now it is in all major headlines everywhere, and not just more local mentions for the areas with airports testing the technology.
All the aspects and arguments summarized above were out there, but whichever ones you remember hearing from the mainstream is likely the version of the narrative desired at the top.

From reading through its media history, and reviewing the full time line generated on my database, it seems clear that elements of the military-industrial complex have been building and consistently pushing a wide variety of these naked x-ray scanners. But since such
security equipment manufacturing corporations are lawfully required to maximize their profits for their shareholders, can we really even blame them if they did orchestrate this one? Brutal.

Stock Prices: Scratching One More Surface

Given the potential contract with TSA, the high predictability of a rise in the stock price immediately after the bombing attempt is itself an opportunity for anyone with foreknowledge to profit on the short-term. But even if nobody took advantage of their foreknowledge, there’s a clear long-term benefit for shareholders and helping secure their next round of government contracts.

So it was announced on Dec 14th that the companies building and selling the selected machines, Rapiscan Systems (interestingly run by Deepak Chopra) of OSI Systems and Smiths Detection (British company), that the Transportation Security Administration would buy their machines in the next 30 days

…without major change in OSI Systems stock price,
…then a negligable rise after a press release from Smiths Group on Dec 23rd
…and finally jumping from 22.02 just before the bombing, to 32.64 by Jan 8th, just shy of a 50% increase, and is the highest point in their 12 year history!

Smiths Detection, part of
Smiths Group, is on the British market and while it did have some gains following the attempt, it was no outlier in the big picture of their stock.

the way in which this terrorist attempt should help solidify their pending contract with TSA and is likely to continue inflating their stock, i would be completely happy if i at least heard a US mainstream media outlet MENTION this obvious potential motive. But it seems possible that the TIMING of the bombing attempt could not have been any better for Rapiscan and Smiths.

Another company, though not mentioned as part of this month’s purchase is
American Science and Engineering Inc, first mentioned regarding naked x-rays in airports in October 2001, but had been building these devices for PRISONS at least since 1998:
ASEI had its first big stock doubling immediately after 9/11, with an August high of ~6 and September high of ~15
…with slow decline until the second half of 2004 when it rose to an all-time high in March ’06 of ~93
…waffling until a low of ~58 in March ’09, and rising steadily since then
Dec 24th closed at 71.70, rising five points alone on the 28th, then announcing another $39 million govt contract for cargo x-ray machines on Jan 4th []

then rising up to 83.53 by Jan 8th.

And the final company, which i learned of at the very end of this phase of the research,
ICx Technologies, who makes other security devices:
…while closing it’s first day in Nov ’07 at 12.60, dropping to 4.39 in Mar ’08, rising for a year then sharing ASEI’s Mar ’09 drop bringing them back down to 4.12
…they close at 4.98 on Christmas Eve, and close out 2009 at 9.52, nearly doubling!

Interestingly, the deal merging Northwest Airlines with
Delta Airlines had also just been completed and is in the final steps. [ABC] But Delta’s stock appeared unaffected by the incident.

But again, many defense contractor stocks increased in response to this terrorist attempt, as most such companies and government directly benefit from
9/11. This is just meant to demonstrate how tangible and concrete this motive is, both for these companies and financial speculators with inside information. After all, Wall Street is where the largest sum of wealth and power in world history are currently being consolidated.

Corrections, Additions, Feedback
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