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Support AJR 22, Get Corporate Money Out of Elections #CallingCA #CallingCongress

Download High Quality Video: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/calls/Wiki_World_Order-Calling_CA-Jan25-AJR22.divx Stream On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80JSCUO6MLg Tell the California Legislature to Get Corporate Money Out of Elections http://action.citizen.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=9261 California Assembly Joint Resolution 22 (2012) AJR 22, as introduced, Wieckowski. Campaign finance reform. This measure would memorialize the Legislature’s disagreement with the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and would call upon the United States Congress to propose and send to the states for ratification […]

Occupy Sacramento Addresses City Council

Some Of The First Occupiers To Address A Governing Body On October 11th, at 6pm, Occupy Sacramento officially made it’s presence known to the City Council during its regularly scheduled meeting. First rallying outside, occupation supporters flooded the meeting, and many gave testimony to share their perspectives on the record. But even after opening this dialogue with our elected officials, we continue to be arrested for staying in the park after the extended hours (11pm […]

Corbett Report Interview 393 – Morgan Lesko

My alternative media hero, James Corbett, interviews me!.. Corbett Report: “Morgan Lesko of WikiWorldOrder joins us to discuss his attendance at Occupy Sacramento and the significance of the greater Occupy movement.” http://www.corbettreport.com/interview-393-morgan-lesko/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXU7xYSDrpM Download High Quality Video: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/Corbett_Interview_393-Morgan_Lesko.divx

Occupy Sacramento, Days 2-5: Participating In The First Weekend And My Arrest

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzKJBkMMgNk Download High Quality Video:¬†http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/WWO-OccSac-Oct7-10-Days2-5.mp4 On October 3rd,¬†when I first heard about the plans to Occupy Sacramento, I had also been thinking about going from Davis to San Francisco to participate in the Occupy The FED¬†to focus on ending (or nationalizing) the privately-owned Federal Reserve. I knew I wanted to participate heavily in one of these two local occupations, and decided to go with Sacramento so I could spend more time there and simultaneously focus […]

Occupy Sacramento Day 1 Videos: Marches, Signs, Voices, and even Arrests by Polite Police

Yesterday I participated and documented the first day of Occupy Sacramento and had a blast. Last night I compiled two videos from the first day… Occupy Sacramento Day 1 Video Mixtape: Marches, Signs and Voices http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4_QZxk37Hs Download High Quality Video: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/WWO-OccSac-Oct6-Day1.divx Day 1 of Occupy Sacramento, starting around 10am on October 6th, 2011. Compilation of video taken throughout the first day of the Sacramento iteration of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Occupy Sacramento Night 1 […]

Episode 7 – Clean Elections Fight Corporate Erections

single entendre: Clean Elections Fight Corporate Selections Campaign Finance Reform For The Sake Of ALL Causes Research Bibliography While Watching Video: http://altbib.com/r/226/ra/Wiki_World_Order_7._Clean_Elections_Fight_Corporate_Erections Download Full High-Quality Video: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/download/episode7 Download Audio Podcast Version: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/download/podcast7 Stream Episode Video: Blip.tv – YouTube ↓ Jump To Music Full Transcript/Essay Welcome friends, to the Wiki World Order Report: peacefully replacing the corporate-industrial complex. This is episode seven, Clean Elections Fight Corporate Erections. Listener supported video and audio downloads, as well as […]

Even Further Beyond Left and Right

A Thought Experiment Ending with Transparency and Social Businesses We can see Americans increasingly rebelling against both the establishment left and the right. Even the mainstream media has had to cover this aspect of the transitions which both political parties are going through during this decade of endless predictable crises. Acknowledgment of the corruption found on both sides of the political aisle is one of the core concepts which amazing outlets like We Are Change, […]