Episode 6 – Critical Thinking To Interpret SPINformation (Intro To SPINfo)

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Full Transcript/Essay

Welcome friends, to Episode 6 of the Wiki World Order report: Critical Thinking To Interpret SPINformation. I’m your host, Morgan Lesko.

All information is delivered with some amount of spin. Some spin is minimal and relatively neutral, while other spin dramatically changes the meaning or significance of information, and is also known as lying. Whether the spin is consciously or unconsciously applied, it must be consciously factored into your interpretation of any source of information. Information is distinct and separate from knowledge, and all of us are in desperate need of a reliable method to scan for viruses as we process everything.

The idealized version of history that I learned as a child taught me that the media was supposed to provide public oversight on what happens in our government, a concept comlmonly known as the Fourth Estate. But just as regulators in the executive branch have been neutralized by industries with overly lubricated revolving doors, the mainstream media has been bought and paid for by the corporate-industrial complex. In fact, just six mega-corporations absolutely dominate all the news and entertainment in the country: CBS, Time Warner (with CNN), Walt Disney (with ABC), General Electric (with NBC), Viacom (with MTV and Comedy Central), and of course Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (with FOX).

Please consider that the colossal mainstream media quite literally has blood on its hands. They failed in their critical role in oversight during the marketing of multiple completely illegitimate wars, like in Iraq. Chances are, they never showed you the third building that collapsed at nearly free-fall speed on September 11th: World Trade Center Building 7. And they failed to report on how George W. Bush literally STOLE the presidential election from Al Gore in 2000.

There are plenty of excellent presentations of this kind of information, which I recommend you check out if you are interested in these topics. The first on my list is Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent, free in full on Google Video. Here’s a clip where Chomsky is discussing the atrocities in East Timor:

NOAM CHOMSKY: I mean this is way beyond just demonstrating the subservience of the media to power. I mean they have actual — they have real complicity in genocide in this case. The reason the atrocities can go on is because nobody knows about them. If anyone knew about them, there would be protests and pressure to stop them. So therefore by suppressing the facts, the media are making a major contribution to some of the — probably the worst act of genocide since the Holocaust.
NOAM CHOMSKY: There is nothing more remote from what I’m discussing, or what we have been discussing, than a conspiracy theory. If I give an analysis of say, the economics system, and I point out that General Motors tries to maximize profit and market share….that’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s an institutional analysis. It has nothing to do with conspiracy theories, and that’s precisely the sense in which we’re talking about the media. The phrase “conspiracy theory” is one of those that is constantly brought up. And I think its effect is to simply discourage institutional analysis. – Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent

I also strongly recommend checking out a recently released documentary named Psywar, by Scott Noble, free in full on YouTube:

JOHN STAUBER of PR Watch: You see a news show, you watch 60 Minutes or a Fox program, or whatever it is, you tend to give more credibility to what you’re told is journalism. If an advertisement comes on, hopefully you tend to be more skeptical of that, because obviously somebody put an awful lot of money into crafting this slick TV ad and airing it. But what you’d probably never suspect, is that that news story you just watched was also crafted by a company, given to the TV station or network with the understanding that they would put their own logos on it, identify it as real journalism, and air it.

NARRATOR: Colonel Sam Gardener would eventually chart 50 false news stories created and leaked by the Bush White House propaganda apparatus prior to and during the assault on Iraq. Foremost amongst these were the lies that led to the war in the first place. It was not bad intelligence that led to the invasion, concludes Gardener. It was an orchestrated effort that began before the war, and was meticulously planned to manipulate the public. – Psywar by Scott Noble

Finally, one of my favorite documentary films on the issue of corporate media is titled Orwell Rolls In His Grave, free in full on Google Video. Here’s a clip with Bernie Sanders:

BERNIE SANDERS: People don’t appreciate this. You know, in the last days of the Soviet Union you had dozens of newspapers, dozens of magazines, all kinds of radio and television stations. The only problem is that all of that media was controlled by the Communist party of the Soviet Union or the government of the Soviet Union. We are moving in that direction.

Fewer and fewer people vote. When polls tell us that fewer and fewer people understand the political process — What the media does is trivialize what goes on, sensationalizes it, makes it entertainment, rather than saying look, the function of the media is to educate you to live in a democracy, which is pretty serious stuff. – Orwell Rolls In His Grave

Over the past century, we have become particularly accustomed to taking the word of authority figures, while downplaying the need for critical thinking. We’ve been taught to outsource all of our critical thinking to experts. Just as with society’s rampant materialism, we have been encouraged to consume information instead of becoming active participants. As we evolve the processing of information via the wide-spread access to the internet, we are learning new ways to aggregate and hopefully distill the long tail of information…and the technologies are indeed empowering many more people, like myself, to supplement their consumption with creation.

But now that we have built the printing press of our century, we can maximize the power of this technology by reviving critical thinking to take a more methodical approach to interpret the newly found wealth of information. The goals are to reconcile all contradictions of information, constantly striving to increase our certainty regarding the who, what, where, when and why of current and historical events. Critical thinking is indeed critical.

Since the American public education system has failed to give us the skills required to actively question the media and other authority figures, we must also get back to our autodidactic roots….this means re-igniting the joy of teaching ourselves whatever topics interests us. We must come to terms with how much we really don’t know, and un-learn (or grow skepticism for) much of what we’ve been taught by others.

There are some remarkable educational concepts discouraged by our system called the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences, made up of the trivium and the quadrivium. In its simplest form, the trivium is described as Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric: “Grammar answers the question of the Who, What, Where, and the When of a subject. Logic answers the Why of a subject. Rhetoric provides the How of a subject.” “Once a student is conversant with this three-fold procedural pattern, he is now capable of teaching himself, with minimal guidance from an instructor or facilitator, how to learn any established subject.”

I beg of you to go to PeaceRevolution.org and check out the amazing new podcast and documentation by Tragedy & Hope which goes much deeper. Here is a clip from the second episode of the Peace Revolution podcast, The Million Dollar Education / A Re-Discovery of the Lost Tools of Learning: (0:56-3:00, 0:47-3:14)

(timestamp 53:54) LISA ARBERCHESKI: Especially when you’re living in an information age, you’re inundated with information. And yet, if you don’t have a system, an operating system, of taking in that information, and thinking critically about it, deciding for yourself, then you’re really left to all of the authorities. And there are plenty of authorities out there that want to tell you how to live your life, and what to do with your money, etc.

PAUL VERGE: I would say pointing out the fallacy arguments in someone’s position, especially an authority figure, allows you to intellectually as opposed to emotionally respond to what they’re saying in a way that’s not necessarily threatening. It’s just truthful and it throws the ball back in their court, in a way where they have to either admit they are using a fallacy or change their position. Whereas they want you to respond emotionally, like a child, to get upset at the fact that they’re saying something to you or ordering you to do something.

LISA ARBERCHESKI: Right, and so you have to ask yourself am I making this decision based on good reasons and on good evidence, and logic, etc? Or am I being overwhelmed by some vivid evidence or circumstance by someone else’s advanced rhetoric?
(1:10:41) RICHARD GROVE: But the summary is that outcome-based education is in the benefit of these corporations and not in the benefit of our friends, families and ourselves, to be learning like that. Rick, what kind of example could you give the audience of the trivium method of learning versus the outcome-based education or the Prussian model of education.

RICK MALCHOW: Well, let’s say someone could teach you a song on an instrument, you know, using outcome-based education. You can be shown where to put your fingers and mechanically how to get through the song by using small portions, and then keep working, you know, one portion at a time, until the song is learned.

But you’ll learn that song faster if you use the trivium method. The trivium method is the opposite of outcome-based education. So what if you wanted to learn another song? Under outcome-based education, we would need to be taught, dependent on someone to teach and guide you through the process of learning another song. Outcome-based education creates intellectual cripples dependent on a system already in place to educate individuals on every new subject — or teaching new songs, per the example. Because the person learning never
mastered the basics, but only the outcome, and he had no way to be creative.

So and then if you were to teach the same song using the trivium method, first you would learn how to learn music, which is the knowledge or grammar portion of the trivium. Second you would learn how to use your fingers, scales, timing, etc, and this would be the understanding or logic portion. And third you would learn proper technique and expression, which would be the wisdom or rhetoric portion.

RICHARD GROVE: Right so it sounds like outcome-based education keeps you coming back for more as a customer of a teacher, instead of that teacher teaching you the one lesson that allows you to learn any other subject on your own much more expeditiously than you can with a teacher in what we know as the traditional system of education.

LISA ARBERCHESKI: Well and the tools of self-teaching enable you to move forward beyond the limits of your teachers and to become creative on your own.

RICHARD GROVE: Also allows you to save a lot of money, because if you think about it, if you learn how to read to yourself and you just get the curriculum…you can save a lot of money on a college education, and go a lot farther, and deeper, and get a truer education and have these things as a level understanding…because of the method in which you stored this information and learned this information and learned to articulate this information to others. – Peace Revolution podcast, episode 002: The Million Dollar Education / A Re-Discovery of the Lost Tools of Learning

In striving to use the trivium method while evaluating the media, I have consumed many books and an immense amount of random “documentary films” on all topics with an open and critical mind, though I have never been a big reader of random writings or blogs on conspiracies. I look at more from creators who produce quality work, and who clearly strive to offer maximum documentation and earn a record of higher historical accuracy.

As far as consistent news outlets go, now I really like the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy. Just as I am striving to do, they provide more direct documentation to mainstream sources: the same sources on which the mainstream bases their realities. Since we are working uphill against public opinion on a lot of these issues, they have learned to stick to topics with a strongly documented case, and must hone their source and evidence validation to stay ahead of their powerful and endless critics.

While adding lots of documents to my AltBib.Com research database last year, my process on Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com was actually to initially avoid reading the articles they wrote. Instead I just keep clicking through all the links provided throughout each alternative article, gradually finding all the new and old mainstream source articles supporting the alternative narrative.

Granted, the independent media sometimes uses hyperbolic headlines just like the rest of the American media. But at the end of this reading process, which is now second-nature to me, I usually felt the hyperbolic alternative headline was reasonably justified based on the facts confirmed by mainstream sources. Then if I am still interested I will read the full alternative analysis and do further independent research of my own.

For all documentation I find interesting or might possibly want to revisit later, I catalog it in my collaborative research database, AltBib.Com. A vast majority of this information is very mainstream, despite being considered evidence for these alternative theories. My stats page (http://AltBib.Com/stats.php) shows that at least three quarters of my documents there are from sources considered totally mainstream. Often, the smoking gun just shows up on page 23 of one prominent newspaper, instead of dominating a full news cycle for a day, week, month, year or decade.

So paradoxically, while the mainstream media has clearly failed us, I personally only feel comfortable defending alternative theories with some adequate quality and quantity of mainstream admissions and declassification of ‘evidence’ that convinces me, or of course, with adequately credible first-hand evidence (primary sources). Anything I haven’t researched myself is like window shopping for me, thinking ‘Oh, some guy thinks that? Wild, good to know some guy thinks that.’

(* Quick comedic clip from A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Season 4, Episode 7 *)

One way to help move values of truth and transparency forward is to cancel your subscriptions to publications which support the corporate-industrial complex and based on the information now accessible, have proven to pass on the lies handed down to them without critical analysis. Instead, test out completely independent, listener supported media and financially support those you find valuable.

Since I am just starting out my show here, I recommend you check out the Tragedy & Hope online magazine and community which my work complements, including amazing truly independent sources for information like The Meria Heller Show, the Corbett Report, Media Monarchy, Gnostic Media, and 8th Estate Media & Research with the 9/11 Synchronicity podcast from 2006. Now that I’ve finally found them, I can happily say they have all been broadcasting extremely close to my intended frequency for years now.

This series of my writings and online shows are more focused on WHAT I think, based on my continued research. But I do hope it also sheds ample light on HOW to think, and beg of everyone to check out the Peace Revolution podcast as well as the Tragedy & Hope online community for a more thorough discussion on self-education. As I say, please do not take my word for ANYTHING, because you can only have certainty after doing the research yourself. So if you take away anything from this series, it would be more than enough to just adopt a more critical approach to how you process the information which interests you, and to shed your fear of teaching yourself new areas of study.

I am still learning along side you, a few chapters or books ahead or behind you in my studies, depending on the topic. Being human, I won’t get everything right, but I do all the research and writing for everything I put behind my own teleprompter. And I promise to never intentionally mislead those who listen to and/or participate in this show. I do want to strongly encourage participation and constructive, documented criticism, through comments on my videos or blogs, sharing links and discussions on the Wiki World Order Facebook page, or emailing me at info~at~WikiWorldOrder.org.

Even better, create your own Wiki World Order reports, upload them to YouTube, and send them my way. Just pick a topic that interests you, do some extra research to provide evidence for your views and start writing, and try to balance the talk of problems with solutions. If your work is well thought out, and maintain an overall positive vibe, I am happy to re-post your work on WikiWorldOrder.org.

I’m also learning how to do all this video stuff along with you, as this is not my background…but the only way to learn is to start trying. First you need a microphone, which you can really get at any price point. I don’t know much yet, but I’ve just heard it’s good to stay within about six inches from your microphone so your voice dominates the background noise of your room. For sound editing I use Audacity: the free, open source software for Mac or Windows.

If you have a smart phone, there’s a good chance you can download a free or cheap app which works as a teleprompter. On my iPhone, I am using a $1 app called iPrompter. Then check this out…I went to my local hardware store to get a piece of glass…and lucked out and they gave me a scrap piece for free! Then I just cut two slots in a cardboard box at roughly a 45 degree angle, and slid the glass through. Put your box on top of a surface at an appropriate height, and throw a dark sheet over the top, sides and back. Inside the box, is a $100 HD Flip Cam on a mini-tripod. With a little trial and error, it didn’t take me long to get a workable shot through my home made teleprompter.

Depending on your room, it might be worth investing in an extra light source or two. And you can hang a cheap green sheet on a wall behind you so you can easily swap out the background to make a video more visually stimulating, adding some sugar with the medicine. I use the free trial of Adobe After Effects, then reformat my computer every month to keep using it free AND legit. And easy yet thorough tutorials on how to use After Effects can be found for free at VideoCopilot.net. There are also tools on WikiWorldOrder.org for making your own reports, including a higher quality episode template without me in it, so feel free to reuse the graphics and animations I have made (all under Creative Commons).

Some future episodes of the Wiki World Order report will be case studies in SPINformation by analyzing personal examples of the mainstream outlets I enjoy listening to most. I will look at key points where they differ with my interpretation of reality, in hopes of learning to consider more critically those outlets who might otherwise take my trust for granted.

No matter what information you regularly take in, please frequently remind yourself of the bias inherent to your preferred outlets, and do your best to drop emotional attachment to things you think you know. And even better, please BECOME your own media outlet. You can start just by really studying any topic which interests you. Then create anything to share what you’ve learned with your friends. Don’t be scared to fail, that’s the only way to learn! This process really tests your understanding and then gets you some feedback.

One of the key underlying solutions to ALL of the overwhelming problems we face is a resurgence of methodical, critical thinking. So please please please check out the Peace Revolution podcast for a more thorough discussion of the trivium and quadrivium. Our own ignorance is what enables us to remain enslaved…in the past century, chains and shackles were traded for advanced propaganda.

Democracy is not a spectator sport, it requires active participation. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of the Wiki World Order report, thank you for participating, and thank you for thinking critically!

(* Quick comedic clip from A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Season 3, Episode 5 *)

You can find the full transcript with links to documentation for every episode at WikiWorldOrder.org. You can also download full quality video files and download MP3s of the audio version for each episode and all music created, all there for free on the web site.

Furthermore, every episode is also setup on AltBib.Com so you can watch each episode on the left side of the screen, while on the right side of the screen you have all the links to documentation provided in the transcript, presented by timestamps corresponding to the video (or audio). I call this my Research-Along Theater, and I’ve adopted James Corbett‘s methodology of providing detailed web-accessible documentation and my intention is to be an Open Source Intelligence media outlet.

AltBib.Com Research-Along (Bibliography) for Wiki World Order Episode 6

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Episode 2 – AltBib.Com: How I Arrived At The Wiki World Order

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Despite initial skepticism, I have been blown away over the years of how often there is in fact much more evidence, AND much more convincing evidence, for some “conspiracy theories” than for the official explanations — which are also in fact, usually conspiracies theories too, just with a different bad guy and narrative. The very label “conspiracy” is sometimes used intentionally as a slur, instructing the listener to dismiss, reject or deny anything said as “crazy.” Therefore we who try to approach these difficult topics often prefer to talk about these not as “conspiracy theories,” but just as an “alternate analysis” of an event — a competing theory to be weighed by the evidence at hand.

If you have yet to scratch the surface of such alternative analyses of our shared reality, then a very warm welcome to you. Do not be afraid. Such information may lead you to a very painful reality, but this is such an exciting time to be alive and we must learn from our mistakes if we wish to move forward at this critical period. No matter your familiarity with the information, I stronger encourage all of my listeners to check out the work of James Corbett with his Corbett Report at CorbettReport.com, Open Source Intelligence News. I found his work far later in my research than I would have liked, but he has really covered these topics in a format and voice I have long waited for. I thank him dearly for this, and request that you listen to any of his episodes which spark your interest, for I will usually only scratch the surface here.

A bit over a year ago, while diving into the difficult task of trying to convince my loved ones of my “crazy” beliefs regarding recent history, I had a desire to use some resource to quickly bring the few dozen key mainstream articles with the evidence vital to a few alternative theories. There were some good data dumps on specific topics, but I couldn’t find what I had in mind for the bigger, interconnected picture. My lazy, pass-the-buck first response was to contact Infowars and see if they already had such a thing or were interested in making one, since they are a key nerve [center] for the movement. Having professionally built web-based software for nearly a decade, it only took me a couple days without any response before I started coding.

I built a collaborative online research database to help me organize and backup all this key evidence and documentation which had convinced me of such crazy realities. I hastily named my database InfowarDocs.org, but after growing with it for over a year I have just renamed it AltBib.Com, aka AlternateBibliography.Com. I came to this name because it has essentially become a bibliography for many of the alternative theories, which ironically references mostly mainstream sources.

I basically use it to catalog articles, documents and some video clips I find somewhat compelling related to any of the topics which spark my interest. I use a heavy tagging method and backup the source document on my server, except for the last half of the videos posted (when there’s time). There are now over 4,700 links posted and 6,500 tags/keywords (and 46,000 linkages/taggings). So it’s a great resource for those documents on the tip of your tongue, or to look over the evidence for alternative theories with more distance from the bombastic narratives of alleged conspiracies.

Any visitor can suggest links to the database using the same tool I do, and add tags to links or vote for links as “Interesting” or not. I still personally go through all the suggestions and try to keep the formatting relatively consistent. As a side-note, over the course of adding the first 2,000 links to my database my tagging style developed a lot, so I am still working on re-tagging many of the first 1,600 documents better to match the later style.

But without promoting the site too much and focusing on it as a personal research tool, I still received some encouraging feedback from people online, for example:

“I was motivated to donate to your work because I feel that we really need to concentrate on ‘fact checking’ in order to make real headway.” – Jim

“I have researched for three years on our government corruption and the elite controlling our government. People need to wake up and do some research and reading. The one place I have found more factual documents with the truth than any other is http://www.Infowardocs.org. You will be amazed at the documents they have in there, and they are all verifiable people.” – Janine

A huge thank you to the bunch of people who have suggested a few hundred links, rated links and passed the site on to their friends. And an extra thank you to Jim and the other person who donated in support of my efforts! Pretty early on, I also decided to announce my database on Jason Bermas’ show, The Infowarrior, to share my work with him and his very cool and relevant audience: [see video clips in video version of episode]

The Infowarrior, May 4th, 2009, GCN & PrisonPlanet.tv

Jason: Alright let’s go to Morgan in Maryland. Morgan, you’re on the air.

Morgan: Hi Jason, I just want to help out, I was so excited to hear a few callers call in earlier asking for document lists. And it’s something I came — I came into the same wall a few weeks ago trying to, you know, passionately explain to my parents and my girlfriend about a lot of these issues, and I just wanted a list where I could just search for the words and try to show them the documents…

Jason: Well you know what, well we’re going to come back to you and we’re going to talk about this more. But really, the forums are the place to go, that’s where you can have a subject line, where you can have a quick link. Remember we can’t just give you other people’s information and documents. We have to write stories about that and source it. We’ll come back after this. It’s the Infowarrior with Jason Bermas, PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com.  ….   Back to Morgan in Maryland. Morgan, go ahead…

Morgan: Thanks Jason. So basically I’ve created InfowarDocs.org. Basically documentation — it’s all the links you guys reference. Last night, for example, I just re-watched the Obama Deception and pulled up every link, entered it as a link in there. So if you’re watching Obama Deception with your friends, you can do a quick Control+F or search or filter by tags on there.

Jason: And that always helps us by the way, we love that Morgan. Somebody did that with Martial Law [911], if you go to MartialLaw.info, or you just type MartialLaw.info into Google, they did the same exact thing where they went through the entire thing and went through every document that we sourced in that film, and now you’ve done it for the Obama Deception, and even the stuff that we were talking about on our radio programs over the week. This is impressive and we need this kind of dedication, sir.

[* side-note: at least as of May 4th, MartialLaw.info was no longer online *]

Morgan: Great! And I would love for people to add — suggest links, and even if somebody in the studio wants a password, you guys could add links directly. But having people add tags to things and rating things, I think it could be a great open source tool, ’cause I feel that’s our advantage. You know, Google it yourself, learn it yourself. You guys are doing great, thank you so much!

Jason: Thank you Morgan, people go check that out, and hopefully Morgan will get on the forums and show that website to people. So if you do want an archive, if you do want a source list, he’s going to provide it for you.

[* I failed on the forums task, any pros who like the site want to pick up my slack and help promote it? *]

The Infowarrior, May 18th, 2009, GCN & PrisonPlanet.tv

Jason: Let’s go to Morgan in Maryland. Morgan, you’re on the line.

Morgan: Hi! I called you a couple weeks ago —

Jason: How you doin’ Morgan?

Morgan: Good, and you?

Jason: Good

Morgan: I’ve been working on this InfowarDocs.org. And last I talked to you I had just gone through the Obama Deception and put all the references and sources and articles up there. Since then, now I’m up to 1,700 documents and articles. I’m pulling from Obama Deception, Endgame, Martial Law 911, Fabled Enemies, Loose Change both Final Cut and 2nd Edition.

Jason: Excellent. So maybe I should this girl who’s doing this paper, this newsletter, over to your site for these sources.

Morgan: Yea yea, it’s not — I mean don’t have like a whole lot — I all the bills from the last month or so at least. But it is a growing resource, and hope to keep adding, so if she wants to add too, that’s awesome. Other than that I just wanted to say ‘great job,’ I finally watched Final Cut for the first time and I had no idea how much new info was in there! It’s amazing, great stuff!

Jason: Oh yea, it’s a completely different movie. Yea no, everyone thinks we’re just going to rehash the second edition. No, we took the best, maybe 20 minutes, MAYBE 20 minutes. Alright, from the first movie — the first movie was 60 minutes long. We took the best 30 minutes, we made a 90 minute documentary. Added a whole hour. Final Cut was a completely new movie. We maybe touched on two or three of the points in the other one, maybe 15 to 20 minutes of old footage, and then you had a two hour and nine minute movie. Literally an hour an forty-five minutes of new material. I’m going to hold you over, Morgan, because I want you to give that website on the other side. It’s the Infowarrior with Jason Bermas, PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com. … Morgan are you still there my friend?

Morgan: Yes I am.

Jason: Excellent, why don’t you give out that website. Again, Morgan is going through all the documentaries that we carry here and have created here at Infowars and myself, and going down the line on the facts, giving you the source articles, much like MartialLaw.info. You’re going through all the films: the Obama Deception, Martial Law [911], you said Fabled Enemies, Loose Change Final Cut, Endgame —

Alex Jones: — WhatIsTheEndgame.com. Yea that’s a bibliography, I think he’s one of the guys that did that…

Morgan: — I wish [* trying to correct the wrongly placed praise *]

Alex: …and there is the viewers guide at theObamaDeception.net. The viewers guide, when you click on About, is a bibliography we just call it a viewers guide, we probably need to change that. And you can see all the facts there. So I salute all of you.

Jason: Alright give out that website, Morgan.

Alex: I salute you!

Jason: Go ahead Morgan.

Morgan: Thank you, Alex!



Alex: Hip Hip Hooray!

Jason: Alright, hit up that website, Morgan.

Morgan: InfowarDocs.org

Jason: InfowarDocs.org. Thanks for holding of buddy.

Some of the issues most relevant to my interests as a web-based software engineer, are net neutrality and “cybersecurity.” There is very real potential for losing access to so much this controversial information if it is largely censored with a loss of net neutrality or if the internet is taken down in the name of emergency. Therefore, I soon added another aspect to my database: the offline backup. This one year old backup is really really crappy compared to the current version of the live web site, but it does allows you to browse through backups of these documents and video clips through your web browser without any internet connection. You can download the ~4.5GB ZIP file at http://altbib.com/offline.

The offline backup, includes most sources cited from all featured stories on PrisonPlanet.com from May 1st to June 7th, 2009, and most of the articles referenced in those articles, and those articles, and those articles. The database also includes almost all web-accessible articles, documents and some video clips referenced in the films, The Obama Deception, End Game, Martial Law 9/11, Fabled Enemies, Loose Change Final Cut AND 2nd Edition. Since the making of Offline Backup Version 1, I’ve also added documents referenced in Zeitgeist: Addendum, Who Killed the Electric Car?, The World According to Monsanto, Orwell Rolls in his grave, Mind the Gap, 7/7 Ripple Effect, and David Ray Griffin’s 9/11: The Myth and The Reality. I have also finally added the first episode of the Corbett Report and plan to eventually add all of them, as well as adapting his documentation time stamp format.

As the months went on, I have continued to catalog all the documents I find interesting during the course of my natural research on the various topics at the top of my long list. Periodically, I am compelled to organize my resulting thoughts through writing. This process very much helps me hone in on what I think I know, when wading these conspiratorial waters, and I plan to continue writing more.

So recently I realized that as long as I’m spending dozens or hundreds of hours researching these topics before writing about them, it would at least be worth me reading my writings into the camera to give people wider access to my ideas and information. Not to mention, how many people want to read some guy’s 10 page research paper online? So with a couple weeks worth of my instinctive volunteering/hobby hours I’ve created all the art for a template to turn my blog into a vlog and podcast. Then on top of this, I’m excited to open up this forum to anyone looking to share their perspective with me. Please feel free to reuse and remix the episode template, which doesn’t have me in it, so you can drop yourself in as an unofficial — but way cooler — Wiki World Order reporter.

Many of this movement’s greats have inspired me like John Perkins, Alex Jones, Jason Bermas, William Cooper and of course James Corbett. I encourage you to lend your ear to their work, as it is my goal to minimize trying to replicate old analysis of long past events and maximize focus on promoting the best solutions I can find out there. Some episodes might be more or less theoretical, practical, casual, opinionated, documentary-style or even family-safe, but hopefully all will be relatively informative and constructive discussions of solutions to the world’s most awkward and painful problems.

And of course, never take my word for ANYTHING. I beg of you to research all of the topics that interest you, come to your own conclusions, and share them with the Wiki World Order. Throughout my years of research, for better and worse, I have ignored countless rabbit holes to focus on issues I find most provable and actionable. But we are all still learning and teaching together, and it will be even more beautiful in retrospect…we just need to ensure we all get there together. So look alive, and always keep learning. Thank you.

Even Further Beyond Left and Right

A Thought Experiment Ending with Transparency and Social Businesses

We can see Americans increasingly rebelling against both the establishment left and the right. Even the mainstream media has had to cover this aspect of the transitions which both political parties are going through during this decade of endless predictable crises.

Acknowledgment of the corruption found on both sides of the political aisle is one of the core concepts which amazing outlets like We Are Change, Infowars and the Corbett Report attempt to spread. I have always found the current two-party system completely inadequate for aggregating the will of the people, and have long adored the idea of either more parties or no parties. So I am very excited to see this reach an ever more conscious level of the national dialogue, but I want to tease the ball a few steps further to help expand the range of potential solutions we consider for upcoming debates.

Below is a more relaxed, long-brewing brainstorm on a couple of paradigms I think might also contribute to paralyzing, if not controlling or co-opting, our best courses of action. These could hypothetically be highlighted to help divide and conquer the masses.

In some cases, the polarizing effect of having primarily two extreme camps to choose from on sub-issues may be hurting more than helping. We also sometimes see the negative effects of such polarization skyrocket when single ideologies are be forced on all scenarios, instead of a more flexible case by case basis. Fortunately the movement has loud voices warning people not to follow any one ideology.

So this is a humble request for the movement to keep pushing past the confines separating us to keep finding increasingly targeted solutions to counter-offer those provided from the top-down system. The better we can hone our arguments and improve our messaging to newcomers to alternative analysis and deep politics.

More VS Less Government? Quality NOT Quantity.

This is a simpler example, and relates to many of my good patriot friends who stand firmly with slogans for “Less Government.” To my eyes or ears, such statements feel a bit counterproductive to our shared goals for a few reasons, but maybe it only irks me.

“Less Government” is vague enough to be co-opted by almost any harmful solution provided. It is also not a rule/ideology you can always follow, unless you’re an anarchist…but then your sign should probably read, “No Government.” This formula should not be endlessly applied, and our libertarian friends sometimes take this mantra too far too blindly.

But more importantly, it implies that the size of government has a causal relationship with its level of corruption or negative impact. In my book, this feels quite unfair.

Larger organizations of any type may have more room for bad apples to hide and prosper. But our society’s policies, manufactured culture and promoted incentives have a far greater influence the positive or negative nature of the impact of organizations (governmental or not).

In a similarly apathetic political climate, a given corporation might have even less trouble buying out a smaller government than our current monstrosity. At the same time, there is a real threat of “Big Government” when corporations can entrench departments and pro-actively using government to directly enact corporate agenda, find ways to increase their budgets to keep expanding their government cloaked work, as we saw more publicly during George W Bush’s military-industrial reign. In the same administration we saw other corporate owned departments strip themselves down as much as possible, completely disassembling any form of meaningful regulation over themselves.

Our current [predictable] economic bubble burst could have been avoided/postponed if trillions of dollars in profit incentives not been allowed to manifest in the first place as derivatives, sub-prime mortgages and other legal Ponzi schemes. That scale of money is not just a motive with a universal adapter on it, but also notably contributes to increasing the vast wealth disparity.

Along these lines, and somewhat ironically, many of those using the “Less Government” slogan might also likely be in favor improving/returning real banking regulations to once against prevent these abuses which the world people and economies are suffering. I assume that a ban on toxic financial products (or any other way to regulate them) would generally be interpreted as “More Government” on this scale.

But if the incentives of our culture were shifted enough, and procedures were made ~100% transparent to the public, we might be able to find some government G spot where the government reflects the public’s interest. This might be theoretical, but it should be nearly attainable, not even requiring a revolution but incremental changes in the correct direction for a change. And seems to be what we should be striving for…ever more pure realization of those ideals inspiring us as youth learning about our republic/democracy (sorry, still insufficient understanding of that paradigms).

The causality implied in this association between more government and bad government also does not seem theoretically sound. With a truly responsible government, an increase in its size could simultaneously increase citizen freedoms. In conclusion, I argue we need to focus on uprooting the incentives for corruption in government, perhaps via campaign finance reform and revolving door protections, instead of just saying we want to change the size. A wise woman once told me it is not really the size of your government that matters, it’s all about how you use it.

The Capitalism VS Socialism Paradigm

This is a case with much graver polarization, and it might be totally unnecessary. One of my dad’s core mantras is all about looking for the right questions to ask. Despite Chomsky’s blind spots or self-censoring on select topics, he is of course brilliant, inspiring and an early influence of mine. So I really like his approach on this here (click here for video).

Suppose you’re in the 18th century. Should you be asking, ‘Which is the best kind of feudalism?’ I mean that’s all it was. So which is the best kind of feudalism, and slavery, and monarchy and so on and so forth. It just wasn’t the right question. I mean the right question is, ‘Is there something better?’ Like say, parliamentary democracy. Even though there were no examples of it. There were seeds of it, but no functioning examples. I mean seeds of had it been developed and usually crushed, as in England, but these were legitimate struggles. And you know, they succeeded. I mean by now you have parliamentary democracies, which aren’t fantastic but are better than feudalism.” – The World: The Noam Chomsky Sessions

Suppose you’re in the 21st century, what is the best kind of capitalism? The best socialism? Is capitalism better than socialism? What blend of the two would be best? Why are we limited to these questions?

Capitalism or socialism often represent the two main options offered to us in response to most problems, but we don’t even consider trying to come up with any new forms of national economic or governmental organization. Case by case, those rooting for capitalism might tend to dismiss socialist solutions, and vice versa, mostly to stay loyal to their dominant ideology. But as humans we sometimes get trapped into acting like these ideologies are the mythical unified theory of everything in physics, applying it to every aspect of society.

An occasionally mentioned aspect to the discussion is how many ‘socialized’/nationalized services and industries, most people have long approved of like THE MILITARY, Highway System, Federal Waterways, FBI, Bureau of Prisons, Census Bureau, National Park Service, Social Security and all the other free services provided by the executive and legislative branches. So it seems we could have been considered a part-capitalist, part-socialist country for decades. Even better are the number of recent cases we see where the profits privatized while the risks a nationalized, like the painful bank bailouts and Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The point of terms like ‘crony capitalism,’ is to point out just how far we are from the pure idealized form touted by talking heads. In fact, it seems the bigger mutant capitalist corporations have become so efficient at their business that they went ahead and took over our government, saving us the trouble of regulating them. But if we reign the beast in soon, we may yet have a chance to replace weapons research budgets by incentivizing less harmful technologies across the board.

Unfortunately these ‘ism’s may be false options on yet another level, given another alternate analysis arguing that our country has been best defined as fascist for decades now. This is rooted in the comprehensive corporate influence on most important functions of government, controlling both candidates in a single-party state. A plutocracy (or corpocracy, corporatocracy) has emerged very clearly, along side some of the largest and most offensive wealth inequities in modern history.

It is also bizarre that there is such passion for either of these economic systems, as we have seen examples of both producing failed states when inappropriately implemented…bringing us back my focus on quality over quantity. Our capitalist experiment has been going for just a few hundred years, and this current incarnation of crazed crony-capitalism has clearly dominated at least the past century. It seems clear the technological advances provided by our capitalism incentivized by wealth has potential for enormous net benefits for our species in the long run…but the judge is still out, between our food mono-cultures, biodiversity, GMOs, nuclear and biological weapons.

Another large unmentioned issue when debating socialist versus capitalist solutions is the source of the taxes. An interesting thought experiment is to first ask some one if they would favor socializing some service, perhaps health care. Then ask them if they would still be opposed to it if typical citizens once again did not pay any income tax, while the Fortune 500 moves out of the Cayman Islands to start correcting the record wealth disparities. The nature of who or where the finances come from to run all nationalized services should be a critically important factor in what people think is worth paying for.

The final problem I have with these false options is that they don’t seem to be completely mutually exclusive. As Chomsky says later in the video above, there is no reason businesses cannot be managed democratically controlled by their workers and community, and compete with other businesses managed the same way and others. But there are other ways to improve the capitalism formula without giving up the typical management hierarchy of today.

Capitalism doesn’t say businesses must compete by maximizing-profits, which is very selfish and short-sighted, that’s just how we’ve been playing. If more large-scale businesses stop going public to make them legally bound to maximize profits for shareholders, they will be free to be the best business they can be across all dimensions which humans care about.

If customers and investors take more initiative to carefully vote daily with their dollars for social-benefit-maximizing businesses, which show enough conscience to mitigate their externalities while provide the world beneficial products and services. Dollar votes are currently the most powerful form of voting we have, far better than the false choice A or B every 4 years. More resources for the information required to educate these daily decisions are likely to emerge, like The Better World Handbook. But this social-benefit-maximizing business model is a marvelous idea champions by Muhammad Yunus, the Social Business. I strongly recommend you explore this concept and this man more, here is an except to wet your appetite:

Muhammad Yunus – The Social Business Model

This general concept of a social business is also finally catch hold in America. This is possibly a side-effect of the long-awaited liberal pendulum swing, and the tough economic times of our decade. Yunus was just last year awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama.

His microcredit banks have brought millions out of poverty in Bangladesh over the past four decades  — side-note: this should theoretically be a plus for eugenicists because population naturally stabilizes as a country develops, and this may be the most natural, positive and creative method being successfully tried. A few test-runs of similar microcredit banks are finally being started up in America.

According to the web site of B Corporation, a leading certification firm to certify businesses adhering to enough of these kinds of social business principles, over 300 companies have become certified with a branded B Corporation status since 2006, including Seventh Generation. The 300 represent $1.1 billion in revenues, 54 industries, and $750k in annual savings.

There is a parallel movement around the country to grant legal tax status to B Corporations which one assumes will offer various benefits back to these businesses. My home state of Maryland signed the nation’s first Benefit Corporation legislation on April 13th and Vermont passed it on May 19th, 2010. Whether or not their state is ready for it yet, businesses can start taking a confidential survey NOW to learn what areas they need improvement on, to work towards a longer-term goal of becoming fully certified.

Full disclosure: my very cool 9-5 work, Rescue Social Change Group, based in San Diego, is already looking into this process and looks forward to becoming certified without having to alter our existing small social business model infused from the beginning. What can I say other than, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Conclusions: Transparency and Social Businesses

Alone, neither left nor right, neither more nor less government, neither capitalism nor socialism can save us. So let us please not choose our preferred solutions solely because they fit into one ideology or another. Rationally look at the situation and find the longest-term good we can muster no matter what ‘ism’ it implies.

In place of protesting for less (or more) government, I would protest for transparent government. Any sized government can work for its people if they have information and access. What jerks in Congress can forever avoid voting for bills if they are specifically honed only on increasing transparency? As a general note, shorter bills in Congress may generally help both these issues and finding more worth-while common ground. Campaign finance reform is quite possibly the other most serious roadblock to real control over our own government.

‘Do you lean towards Capitalism or Socialism?’ – Maybe I’m into Social Businism!

Either ideology, taken to the extreme, becomes quite a scary beast, so please don’t use them as the primary basis for every decision. It’s just like being tempted to just vote down your party-line…what does that party stand for, exactly…and as related to a specific modern-day issue?

In this next economy transition, we could try to replace a portion of the 100% worthless trinket capitalism products and services with social businesses to compete on a few fronts with the corporate-industrial complex, targeting first the industries vital to human life an well-being. With the proper public education, product labeling and accessibility, we can gradually shift to only pay for products made with our long-term interest in mind, instead of someone else’s short-term bottom-line.

And it should turn out that plenty of industries and niche markets do not need to ditch their profit-maximizing models. Hopefully many key industries will end up dominated by social businesses and see a rebirth to provide options healthier for us, our neighbors and our planet. There will also always be room for profit-maximizing businesses to coexist even after this, but that decision would be in the hands of those markets.

So if enough people like this, it is one possible direction we could try to steer towards while we’re fighting the smaller battles: the widespread conversions and start-ups of real Social Businesses, followed up by communities supporting them simply with our patronage.

Why wait for Washington when we can make these moves ourselves?

My Introductory Letter to Friends and Family

Dearest Friends and Family,

“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” – Socrates (probably)

I wish to unite a somewhat urgent meeting with you and several other closest and most trusted minds. While being aware of certain information and ideas since 2001, perhaps I was intimidated by the breath and scope. Or perhaps my focus on fighting the absurd ‘war on drugs,’ which had affected me more directly, seemed like a more manageable goal. But over the past seven years, I have done my best to research and rationalize away from what increasingly seems to be an Orwellian reality, without adequate success. Therefore, I feel this need to reveal my opinions to an unprecedented degree. In this endeavor, I hope I am not, though assume I am, unknowingly plagiarizing ideas of great minds past. But rest assured: I am still, and always will be, an absolute pacifist.

The topics I am touching on here are only being raised here because I have found enough solid evidence to support them. The bits of evidence I do briefly touch upon can found via Google and my research database, InfowarDocs.org, described at the end. My hope is that some of these issues alarm you too, and we can find solutions together.

Background On My World View
These are the most difficult, and highest level issues to wrestle with in search of truth. Usually we have the official story on one side and the ‘conspiracy theorists’ providing an alternate story. But rarely do we receive rational debate based on facts and evidence from both sides, let alone an official response to accusations. Instead, the two sides endlessly write off each others’ arguments as coming from the crazies, blinded or corrupted. My tendencies lean on the side of those promoting transparency over secrecy. Therefore, I am particularly skeptical of the motives of those who categorically deny the evidence for such theories, no matter how strongly it is based in science or public record.

Raised solidly from the left, one of my earliest memories from elementary school is of writing George H W Bush a letter, including silly clip art, pleading against the war in Iraq. I have always voted for Democrats except a protest vote for Nader in 2000 when Maryland was safe for Gore. But my belief in the right for anybody to put anything into their bodies, absent harm to others, (all drugs should be taxed and regulated) opened me to many of the libertarian concepts. But at the end of the day, I disagree with the right-left paradigm and do not think any two parties could ever provide a true democracy.

While raised with a firm belief in capitalism, I simultaneously believe that certain things should be not be based in profit, like basic food, shelter, health care and protection of the environment…to the extreme that it would be far more effective to feed and shelter peoples of the Middle East rather than invade and murder them in reaction to the 9/11 attacks. Hence, I do not think the appropriate question is asking what form of capitalism or socialism is best, but rather we must accept the fact that we have no working examples of superior forms of government which could obey truth and citizens’ interest.

Similarly, I am not against globalization, but rather I am concerned with the motives and methods which have thus far been used to covertly bring in world governmental bodies that we already know like the United Nations and World Trade Organization. I do think most people in these organizations have good intentions. Have you heard of the North American Union, which quietly began merging the United States with Canada and Mexico in 2005? While there are certain realities which require countries to coordinate closely with each other, but this can be done without loss of sovereignty and human rights, using transparent and honest methods.

9/11 Was A False Flag Attack

“False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.” (Wikipedia)

In the days following 9/11, the official story developing and the war drum beating towards the Middle East was inherently illogical to me (blaming Osama bin Laden the ex-CIA asset and Al Qaeda, which we now know was at the time merely the name of one of our intelligence databases). First, how could our citizens assume we did not deserve such an attack despite the [covertly] inflicted terrorism and wars we have promoted around the world through the decades? Second, how could unilaterally invading any country possibly improve our national security? Of course, it was clear to everyone that such logic pales to the forces of the military-industrial complex, and yet I felt very nervous about making many of my ‘unpatriotic’ views public.

The ‘USA Patriot Act’ earned my attention both as a drug policy activist and as one with an open ear to ‘conspiracy theorists.’ As it was clear to most, this was a blatant slap in the face to our Constitution and our basic rights, sold to the public as a required trade of freedoms for security. While we have never had something close to a pure democracy, now even our basic liberties and rights are too threatened. And of course, our country’s invasions of the Middle East were fear-mongered missteps in defiance of US and international law.

But as increasing 9/11 evidence and analysis have come out over the years, it has become increasing conclusive in my mind that the official story was at best, a gross mismanagement of foreknowledge by multiple agencies. At worst, it is much closer to an intentional plot including some of the nation’s highest leaders to quickly progress their pre-declared goals of war and a state of security. But from years of interest and study in basic physics, simply watching the nearly free-fall collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, through the path of most resistance, inherently screamed to me that these were controlled demolitions…and I knew I was not alone (patriotsquestion911.com).

To this day, the victims of 9/11 still have not had 70% of their questions answered, including two of the most smoking guns, in my opinion:

  1. The controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7, not hit by any planes
  2. This statement from the 9/11 Commission Report: “To date, the US Government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks. Ultimately the question is of little practical significance.”

It is my opinion that the origin of the money is of the most practical significance, and this mentality completely discredits the efforts and motivations of the 9/11 Commission.

Intelligence whistle blowers and rare media outlets have found fairly convincing paper trails, much more informative than the official 9/11 Commission. Far beyond that, just two months ago Niels Harrit and his team of chemists at the University of Copenhagen published a peer-reviewed paper confirming the discovery of un-reacted nano-thermite (thermate) explosives in World Trade Center dust in New York City. Nano-thermite, is extremely advanced and currently only publicly known to be used by the US Department of Defense and military. This finding is in direct conflict with the conclusions of fire-based collapse provided by FEMA, NIST and the 9/11 Commission.

So while the attacks gave all governments across the world a great boost in power, increasingly clear to me that our US leaders allowed, if not provided, this problem to which they could directly push through their narrow-scoped set of solutions. These are the conclusions I have come to thus far on this event, and I strongly encourage you to learn as much as you can to reach your own conclusions. Unfortunately, given all the evidence I have reviewed, I can only believe that 9/11 was a false flag attack.

Is A Policy Paradigm Shift Actually Happening?
While it is good for people to come to these realizations now, it is obviously far too late to stop the mass deaths from wars and torture. We are almost eight years out from this event, and people reaching these conclusions are still categorically considered ‘crazies’ by the mainstream media. This sets an extremely dangerous precedent as to how much the government is still able to get away despite this budding age of information, a renaissance which I hope ushers in a paradigm of ultimate respect for truth…but this is clearly not the agenda of the top policy makers.

Ever since the 9/11 false flag, we have seen such a rapid disassembly of our constitutional liberties and rights, but more importantly President Obama seems to be defending far too many of these abominations. One major turning point for me was his recent speech delivered in the National Archives in front of the US Constitution, during which he defended the use of prolonged detentions, the guilty before proven innocent logic (we still have plenty of legal loopholes remaining open for torture and rendition)…it felt straight out of Orwell, and offended me to my very core. Simultaneously, the new administration is saying we should not investigate and prosecute the crimes of the past administration, and instead focus on the future…one must remember that we are only supposed to prosecute crimes which have occurred in the past.

During his excellent speech in Cairo, A New Beginning, he echoed another core George W Bush principle, “I am aware that some question or justify the events of 9/11. But let us be clear: Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 people on that day.

President Obama’s constitutional law background (which I was so naively counting on) does not appear to be enough for truly fundamental change, absent widespread pressure from citizens. While much of the rhetoric is still sounding good, there seem to be inadequate actions on most fronts to back it up. Since I was a supporter of the Obama campaign (knowing Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul would probably not be able to win), I still like to believe that he has good intentions deep down but we must free him from his handlers to see them enacted.

Grave Concerns About ‘State Of Emergency’ Executive Powers
Even our internet is now (publicly) being threatened with the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, by Senator John D Rockefeller IV, Chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. This would give the executive branch the power to shut down or retrieve loosely defined ‘critical’ data throughout the internet in a case of emergency (which is absolutely possible from a technical standpoint). If passed this gives the power to end our key source of free speech or fully shut down the internet as we know it.

This is only the most recent in the growing ‘emergency’ powers the executive branch has been accumulating over the past 50 years to the point where the US President can truly act as a dictator, and martial law can be imposed over every aspect of our country. Unfortunately, martial law is also much more realistic than it might sound. The military and police have become increasingly integrated across the country since 9/11, in addition to the availability of international forces if need be (North American Union, United Nations). While some would argue that we need policies in place as contingency plans, to me this argument does not hold to me. The same people providing such solutions are also creating, or at least driving us towards, the crises in which it could be ‘needed.’

The threat of martial law really hit me a month ago during the height of the bogus swine flu scare, which the World Health Organization used to practice pandemic alert level 5 (after tweaking the requirements to declare it). With George W. Bush’s Executive Directive 51 and other directives, the US President can declare a ‘state of emergency’ from this alert level (the final level 6 would have made it far more likely). That week I watched a lawyer on a FOX news show rationalizing and mentally preparing people to accept martial law should it be imposed, and now there are discussions in the media debating forced inoculations for the fall.

Even if this spring’s harmless yet unprecedented swine flu was not hatched in a US military lab, as many voices argue, I feel our world leaders and their industry counterparts have far too much control over our collective and individual fate. To me, this is yet another largely unseen example of how far we have strayed from the democracy I was taught; just how little voice we effectively have, and the potential for certain interests to force their problem on us, followed by their solution, without a care for our principles or liberties.

While I am in no way an economist, my research on our financial system as we’ve known it for the past 100 years points to its acute design for inevitable collapse. Even without ridiculous blank checks to banks (and who knows what’s in the stimulus package), we pay interest on the money which is privately printed for us, and we can therefore never break even with our collective debt. Through this inherent debt on currency, derivatives tools and exponentially growing government spending (in the past decades for tools of destruction rather than creation), there are many indicators and economic experts say our current economic collapse will shortly include the end of our fiat dollar.

Taking The Next Steps
I would like to believe we can solve all these core problems with the right kind of policy actions, even if we cannot determine what, if any, specific group(s) of individuals are enclosing this trap upon us. But I am conflicted because this strategy, as with any policy-based activist movement, it would require the broadest public mobilization. While maybe this may be a possibility given the impending financial collapse of our society, one of my key questions is if we have time before our financial collapse is combined with one state of emergency of choice to usher in a new darker age in place of a renaissance.

Furthermore, I cannot help but feel that in retrospect, our human race will be defined by whether we can resist our own self-destruction and evolve past violence and corruption, to possibly become more significant force of creation and truth in our universe.

When I hit my breaking point a month or two ago and needed to start taking action, I built a simple online database to help me catalog and aggregate the mostly mainstream articles and public records upon which these ‘conspiracy theories’ are based, or as I find more appropriate, ‘agenda analysis.’ INFOWARdocs.org now has over 2,300 links to news articles, documents (both government and corporate) and videos, organized by over 1,700 keywords, with basic options to filter and search. To get started on your research, I would advise loading the site and filtering for topics that interest you, reading some headlines, then reading the details than interest you.

So I find myself in desperate need of your counsel as to what we must do to preserve the rights and ideals we were all raised to hold most dear. I would love to be proven wrong by you on as much of this as possible, but know we are all crippled by the filters through which all evidence is processed. So I wish to recruit you to check my work, bring your perspective to the table, and to collaborate on potential solutions and strategies. Thus far, here are some of the concrete solutions I feel may give us a chance without full-blown revolution:

  • Campaign Finance Reform
    so long as the politician with the most money usually gets elected we can never shed their corruption
  • End the Federal Reserve
    so long as we have no control over, and are indebted by the printing of our own currency, we are always at least partial slaves to some banking elite
  • End Nuclear and Biological Weapons (world development and stockpiles)
    as this is the easiest and most straight-forward ways for us to destroy ourselves
  • End the Corporation
    so long as corporations are entities which are legally obligated to maximize profits for the benefit of their shareholders, we can never shed their corruption
  • End the Central Intelligence Agency (and possibly the National Security Agency)
    even if we need covertly collected intelligence, citizens cannot make informed decisions without transparency

I implore you to do as much research as you can, and join me for an initial meeting of our minds to help decide how we might best lead our generations away from Orwell’s world and towards positive and sustainable prosperity. I will be contacting you to try to organize one or two meetings between August and October at my house (maybe one on west coast if needed)…even though I understand very few will want to get involved with any of these issues (via activism), I need to gather your perspectives on these issues to determine their validity and strategies for solutions as thoroughly as possible. While sharing our ideas, it is also my hope that we will all learn a great deal and evolve our personal filters with which we each view our respective fields and lives. If you have a trusted friend who might be, it would be great to invite them too. I must thank my beloved parents and girlfriend for so patiently, rationally and respectfully debating these issues with me over the past few months, allowing me to clarify and verbalize what all of this means to me.

What do you think about a working title for these informal meetings?
2009 InfoWar and Peace Summit

Much love,

PS. I am also posting this letter online at http://wikiworlndpeace.blogspot.com with some imbedded hyperlinks regarding certain key information mentioned.

Requested Viewing Material For Your Review

Yes, most of this is blatant propaganda promoted by various ‘conspiracy theorists.’ But they distribute the videos for free, don’t seem to own the mainstream media, must compete with the main line to the best of their abilities, and I assume none of us have the time to read all of the books one might need to grasp these concepts. As I strive to be, please be open-minded yet skeptical of all, and investigate deeper into topics which you may find particularly interesting, offensive or alarming. I would like to discuss, and possibly re-watch, some of these films when we meet. These should be accessible online through a Google search:

1. America: Freedom to Fascism (2006, 111 minutes)
Important documentary by Aaron Russo, on the unconstitutionality of the federal income tax and the federal reserve system. Ties in a bit with the USA Patriot Act and its atrocities to our constitution.

2. The Obama Deception (2009, 111 minutes)
A decent post-partisan overview as to where we stand today as of May 15th, by Alex Jones who has also made some of the most damning documentaries of the Bushes. The only significant statement of fact I have found to be false is that Timothy Geithner, not Barack Obama, got his first job from Henry Kissinger, the majority is simply public record. All accessible source articles displayed can be quickly found in my INFOWARdocs.org database.

3. Loose Change Final Cut (2007, 130 minutes)
The brute logic, eyewitness and scientific evidence one can use to cut through the official conspiracy theory sold by the 9/11 Commission. The third version of a classic, started by some of the original 9/11 Truthers in New York, contains much updated information. An earlier edition of this film was one of the few things specifically debated by the editors of Popular Mechanics, though I have not found their arguments to hold up. All accessible source articles displayed can be quickly found in my INFOWARdocs.org database.

4. Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008, 123 minutes)
The first Zeitgeist film’s first 1/3 focusing on religion has been widely contested and discredited information, and the rest of the 9/11 info is covered elsewhere. But this sequel focuses on the inherently illogical Federal Reserve system and an extensive interview with John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Then in the end the Venus Project advocates for a new technologically-based social system (utopia), elements of which I find quite debatable, but if nothing else, is an important thought experiment.

5. Fabled Enemies (2008, 102 minutes)
This film, by one of the makers of Loose Change, Jason Bermas, does not focus on what happened on 9/11 but who did it and where the money trails lead. It follows the intelligence ties of Osama Bin Laden, the alleged hijackers, and those who were actually detained on 9/11. All accessible source articles displayed are found in my INFOWARdocs.org database.

6. End Game – Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007, 139 minutes)
This Alex Jones film depicts a more hard-core doomsday analysis of the publicly stated goals of the elite, covering the Bilderberg Group, North American Union, eugenics and depopulation. While the depopulation agenda is so vast and integrated it might be impossible to conclusively prove, it is nonetheless a very important concept to be familiar with. All accessible source articles displayed are found in my INFOWARdocs.org database.

7. The Capitalist Conspiracy (1969, 47 minutes)
Similar to The Obama Deception, this is not so much about evils of capitalism, but the structures controlling both sides (capitalism and communism). Amazing how long these ideas have been around and little public opinion has changed since the 60s. Slightly harder to find online, but it is there.

8. Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (2005, 96 minutes)
This Alex Jones film provides specific examples and video footage of our country’s integration of the police and military forces since 9/11. All accessible source articles displayed are found in my INFOWARdocs.org database.