Love Surge, A Facebook-xperiment

In the days leading up to December 21st, 2012, I had wanted to send a bit of love to as many people that I personally know as possible. I think fondly about people constantly, but often want to ensure they know more tangibly. I considered trying to start a #LoveSurge meme of some kind, but ended up deciding to do it more subtly using the comment Facebook Like feature while also breaking out of my own “filter bubble.” Maybe it played out more as a #LikeSurge celebration of a long astrological new year.

I’ve never been too heavy a user of Facebook (FB). I mostly just post news, information, and art related to my Wiki World Order interests. I usually quickly scroll through my main feed which filter bubbles towards my ‘Close Friends’ (FB setting) and posts relevant to my interests. Then once every month or two I open up a couple dozen profiles I’m most curious about and check out their last couple months of activity for gems. And that’s pretty much it, generally using it less than a couple hours per week.

So over the course of a few long sessions, I slowly scrolled down the list of ALL my 1,300 Facebook friends and opened the vast majority of profiles (lost track of the last couple hundred since the sorting changes every page load). On each friend’s profile, my goal was to find at least one posting, photo, or something to Like…which I legitimated liked, thought was beautiful, or interesting. It was very rarely difficult to find a couple things to honestly Like within a minute, and of course, I ended up exploring some heartier profiles extra.

If nothing else, it was connective and very satisfying to do some baseline FB ‘stalking’ of all my friends at once…a massive update on hundreds of old friends’ lives I’ve completely lost touch with (except for still being FB friends). It also felt selfish but wonderful to know that each of these beautiful people would get a little notification saying that Morgan PeaceRevolution Lesko had Liked some digital thing of theirs, dramatically improving the chance of them recognizing the thoughts of Love in their specific direction.

After the experiment was as done as it was going to get, I immediately noticed changes in how Facebook’s algorithms were feeding me information. To further encourage these filter shifts, I removed all categorizations of some friends as “Close Friends.” And for at least a few weeks, the friends’ whose posts were included in my main feed were noticeably diversified. Unfortunately, the effects faded a bit over the last two months with minimal Facebook interaction.

But I recommend that anyone who uses Facebook (at all) periodically try going through as many of their FB Friends as possible. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn, and how much you can remove some filters on the information you tend to see most. Some experts making a big deal about the Internet creating filter bubbles have a kernel of truth, but it is just a tool and what matters is how we use it.

The power is in our hands to take in as broad a diversity of information as possible. Our power to use critical thinking to weigh and reason real evidence, remove contradictions, and come to more accurate conclusions. Take that, filter bubble fear-mongers.

Curious John and Wiki World Order discuss the Future – July 25, 2012

John Reynolds and Morgan Lesko record our first discussion really getting to know each others’ perspectives. This was a casual late night chat on July 25, 2012, but perhaps you’ll find value in this too.

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First Police Interaction & Group Decision – Day 1 of the 2012 Occupy National Gathering

Philadelphia, June 30, 2012, Day 1. We have unexpected police interaction, forcing us to make a group decision on tactics to be used the first night. It was a bit of a bumpy start to the week, but we eventually decide we did not intend to have a major police confrontation yet.

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London 2012 Olympics – Considering Possibilities, Hoping For The Best

So we often give a listen to weathermen to be more prepared for our day or weekend. It’s impossible for them to be 100% accurate making predictions within a complex and chaotic system, but perhaps we’ll bring an umbrella with us. Similarly, many of us participating in the world of alternative open source information often here more “chatter” surrounding certain dates and events, and it’s tough to know what to do with such clues with so much disinformation in the world.

Unfortunately the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London is one such major event, and many open minds around the world are very concerned about the possibility of yet another false flag terrorist attack followed by further escalations of war. We often feel a need to share these possibilities in advance as much as we hope the predictions are wrong, in hopes of either helping prevent such events from happening at all or improving the public’s reaction in a worst case scenario.

I will not describe all the red flags which have alerted me to this possibility, but I recommend starting with a decent video titled “The 2012 Olympic Games Exposed” (two parts, 21 min, by Truth777Exposed). But it’s not just the alternative world filled with chatter, just yesterday the Associated Press widely published that “British authorities have planned for a threat level for the London games of ‘severe,’ meaning an attack is ‘highly likely.'”

Einstein is said to have said, “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” In our world we have a core problem of violence by ‘authorized’ governments and their associates. We cannot end this cycle with any more violence, and ours must be a Peaceful Revolution. So alleged terrorists and rogue covert operatives: please help us create a world we can all thrive in, and please refuse your orders.

And citizens, IF something horrific does occur at the Olympics, especially during the opening ceremony on 7/27/12, please stay calm and as skeptical as possible. If there is a bomb, nuke, chemical, biological, or even some kind of crazy alien-seeming attack we MUST not respond with violence nor centralized compliance. We must immediately call for an end to ALL of our current wars, instead of starting new ones or World War III.

Finally, to balance the number of thoughts envisioning these painful possibilities, please take a moment and picture the successful version of the week. First, in the case that something awful does happen, picture millions of your fellow citizens, police, and military around the world peacefully occupying our governments to prevent retaliatory violence. And better, now picture no attack happening at all…with the event ending and a winners podium filled with three of your favorite intellectual heroes.

Please be aware of the possibilities, brothers and sisters, but please also vividly envision the world we want to see instead. Thank you so much.

Congressman Dan Lungren’s Feb 22 Town Hall in Fair Oaks, CA (Occupy Sacramento)

Kim from Occupy Sacramento documents Congressman Dan Lungren’s Feb 22 Town Hall in Fair Oaks, CA.

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COME COLLABORATE WITH US! Cesar Chavez Park, every day.

“Trumpets of Revelation My Ass” -Flash Gordon

My good friend Christopher “Flash” Gordon strikes again!..with a funny response to the video meme of “Strange Sounds” and “Trumpets of Revelation” tied in with all-purpose 2012 fear mongering: