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Love Surge, A Facebook-xperiment

In the days leading up to December 21st, 2012, I had wanted to send a bit of love to as many people that I personally know as possible. I think fondly about people constantly, but often want to ensure they know more tangibly. I considered trying to start a #LoveSurge meme of some kind, but ended up deciding to do it more subtly using the comment Facebook Like feature while also breaking out of my […]

Curious John and Wiki World Order discuss the Future – July 25, 2012

John Reynolds and Morgan Lesko record our first discussion really getting to know each others’ perspectives. This was a casual late night chat on July 25, 2012, but perhaps you’ll find value in this too. Download Audio: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/interviews/CuriousJohn120725.mp3 http://CuriousJohn.com http://WikiWorldOrder.org

First Police Interaction & Group Decision – Day 1 of the 2012 Occupy National Gathering

Philadelphia, June 30, 2012, Day 1. We have unexpected police interaction, forcing us to make a group decision on tactics to be used the first night. It was a bit of a bumpy start to the week, but we eventually decide we did not intend to have a major police confrontation yet. Download High Quality Video: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/OccNatGat-June30-Police.divx http://OccupyNationalGathering.com http://OccupyPhilly.org http://OccupySac.com http://WikiWorldOrder.org http://PeaceRevolution.org

London 2012 Olympics – Considering Possibilities, Hoping For The Best

London Olympics Was An Inside Job

So we often give a listen to weathermen to be more prepared for our day or weekend. It’s impossible for them to be 100% accurate making predictions within a complex and chaotic system, but perhaps we’ll bring an umbrella with us. Similarly, many of us participating in the world of alternative open source information often here more “chatter” surrounding certain dates and events, and it’s tough to know what to do with such clues with so much […]

Ethan Nadelmann – 2012 SSDP Conference

Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance delivers the opening speech of the 2012 Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference in Denver, CO. March 24th. http://ssdp.org http://drugpolicy.org

Congressman Dan Lungren’s Feb 22 Town Hall in Fair Oaks, CA (Occupy Sacramento)

Kim from Occupy Sacramento documents Congressman Dan Lungren’s Feb 22 Town Hall in Fair Oaks, CA. Stream on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-PT8Kqc0To Download Video: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/OccSac-Feb22-Dan_Lungren_Town_Hall.divx COME COLLABORATE WITH US! Cesar Chavez Park, every day. http://OccupySac.com – @OccupySacto – facebook.com/OccupySacramento

Poster Art plus more Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

“Trumpets of Revelation My Ass” -Flash Gordon

My good friend Christopher “Flash” Gordon strikes again!..with a funny response to the video meme of “Strange Sounds” and “Trumpets of Revelation” tied in with all-purpose 2012 fear mongering: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBpMsCShNkU THANK YOU, CHRIS! VERY FUN STUFF! 😀