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WWUD? Dont Forget Cause & Effect
WWUD? Golden Rulectangle Graphic Series
What Would yoU Do? This is just a little graphic series I felt compelled to create recently. A Golden Rule through its rectangle, related fibonacci spiral, and other symbolic favorites mashed here. Then combined with different expressions related to the Golden Rule as one rosetta stone to determining the best ways to navigate natural law. Please feel free to play with these, share them on Facebook, etc: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/WWUD/ All creative commons 2014
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Why Do We Disengage? – by Kind Communication
Re-posted From: http://KindCommunication.org/2014/10/02/why-do-we-disengage/ Disengagement is the number one problem in communication.  Whether it is between parent and child, boss and employee, coworkers, friends, or significant others.  When one person disengages, compassionate communication quickly becomes difficult to near impossible. Disengagement takes many forms.  Most of you probably saw that word and thought “walked away, left the conversation”.  And that certainly can be one form of disengagement.  Other forms it can take are attacking the other person, attacking oneself...
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