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Open Data Projects Are Fueling the Fight Against Police Misconduct – by Alice Speri

This is the final section of Alice Speri’s article for The Intercept, focused on my Open Police Complaints project, re-posted from here: … A National Clearinghouse for Police Complaints So far, efforts to use open data to track officer misconduct and hold police departments accountable are few and limited. But with 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the country, each ruled by different sets of local regulations, there is no uniformity in how police misconduct […]

Perspectives On Terrorism

      “Govenment agents ‘directly involved’ inmost high-profile US terror plots” -London Guardian “Of the more than 150 defendants [since 9/11], an FBI informant not only led one of every three terrorist plots, but also provided all the necessary weapons, money, and transportation.” -Mother Jones: Inside the Terror Factory “In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on […]

Open Source Strategies (thoughts)

Woman Finds Out Boyfriend of Six Years Is Undercover Cop Spying on Her and Her Friends – “I thought I knew him better than anyone.” I posted this link on Facebook with a longer comment than usual: Lands of the free? Informants and undercover infiltration have serious chilling effects on activism and free speech of those trying hardest for change.   Especially since Occupy, sadly, such risks increasingly discourage me from working very much with […]

Oath Keeping Thoughts

A thoughtful response to a March 2010 Mother Jones article, “Oath Keepers and the Age of Treason,” which has re-circulated as Oath Keepers appear in Ferguson. Key Personal Perspective/Bias, and Background… I remember vividly when a big 2010 Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) report titled “Rage on the Right” came out along side this Mother Jones (MJ) article. It was given great attention by all my regular media outlets of all stripes, mostly feeding fear […]

June 25: David Tat Chow’s Full Circle Farm Burned Down After Illegal U.S. Bank Foreclosure And Sale

On June 24th, 2012 David Tat Chow and those of us renting rooms on Full Circle Farm attempted to collect the property we still had on the farm during the time schedule with Anthony Vasquez, but cancelled at the last minute. This was after 12 days without being able to arrange an appointment, and only three days left to legally collect our property without consequences. Police arrived, informed us we were trespassing, but then allowed […]

Canna-Fractal 1: Legalize It! (Marijuana / Pot Leaf Fractal Animation)

NO ONE should be punished for what they put into their own bodies, absent harm to others. $1 TRILLION have been used over the last 40 years for the War On Drugs. In 2010, 4.6 million people still used marijuana on a daily or almost daily basis (over a 12-month period). In 2010, over 850,000 people were arrested for marijuana offenses, 88% of those were for possession only. In 2009, over 2 MILLION Americans were incarcerated, […]

All In The Red March – Student Debt Bubble – Occupy National Gathering Day 2

Philadelphia, July 1, 2012, Day 2. The Gathering’s first major march, focused on the looming student debt bubble. While the police largely allowed us to temporarily take over various streets, they block us at the end of a bridge we attempted to cross. We eventually decide to turn around to avoid risking arrest, but hopefully educated the police a bit. Download High Quality Video: A few thoughts for my brothers and sisters from Wiki […]

First Police Interaction & Group Decision – Day 1 of the 2012 Occupy National Gathering

Philadelphia, June 30, 2012, Day 1. We have unexpected police interaction, forcing us to make a group decision on tactics to be used the first night. It was a bit of a bumpy start to the week, but we eventually decide we did not intend to have a major police confrontation yet. Download High Quality Video:

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