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Love Surge, A Facebook-xperiment

In the days leading up to December 21st, 2012, I had wanted to send a bit of love to as many people that I personally know as possible. I think fondly about people constantly, but often want to ensure they know more tangibly. I considered trying to start a #LoveSurge meme of some kind, but ended up deciding to do it more subtly using the comment Facebook Like feature while also breaking out of my […]

Tree of Love on Earth

Download HUGE version: Download HUGE version: More variations from my Tree of Love project: CREATIVE COMMONS OF COURSE! <3

Zoom Into The Flower Of Life (WWO animation)

A short animation of the ancient Flower Of Life, by Morgan Lesko of Wiki World Order. Download Quality Video: Sorry for the ad, but really wanted to use the song Ascension by Basement Jaxx. But the animation is absolutely Creative Commons.

Tree of Love – New WWO Animation with Fractal Hearts

Download High Quality Video: Alternatively, a version with a Bjork & Massive Attack mash-up, Angel Full of Love: Stream: Download High Quality Video: Alternatively, a version with music from Nausicaa: Download High Quality Video: (blocked by YouTube for ‘intellectual property’, updated version coming later) I have posted a few still as posters on my Zazzle store and more variations should be online soon, if you want to support my work and/or […]

Real Monsters – Zombie Virus (Scary Coyote)

Analysis of a potential zombie virus through either a biological weapon, hypnosis of brain dead, or an actual alien parasite similar to ones seen with snails and ants. pilot episode of real monsters. Great job Chris, I love it!

Adventure Cat To Occupy Bilderberg 2012!

A video short by Wiki World Order for Occupy Bilderberg. Download High Quality Video: ADVENTURE CAT: What’re you guys doin’ this weekend? SIBLING CATS: Sleeping, DUH! ADVENTURE CAT: Well did you hear what’s happening? May 31st through June 3rd? SIBLING CATS: Meh, we are impressively comfortable. ADVENTURE CAT: It’s Bilderberg 2012! SIBLING CATS: Build-A-Bear? ADVENTURE CAT: No SIBLING CATS: Bild-err-What? ADVENTURE CAT: The Bilderberg Group is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately […]

“Trumpets of Revelation My Ass” -Flash Gordon

My good friend Christopher “Flash” Gordon strikes again!..with a funny response to the video meme of “Strange Sounds” and “Trumpets of Revelation” tied in with all-purpose 2012 fear mongering: THANK YOU, CHRIS! VERY FUN STUFF! 😀