Love Surge, A Facebook-xperiment

In the days leading up to December 21st, 2012, I had wanted to send a bit of love to as many people that I personally know as possible. I think fondly about people constantly, but often want to ensure they know more tangibly. I considered trying to start a #LoveSurge meme of some kind, but ended up deciding to do it more subtly using the comment Facebook Like feature while also breaking out of my own “filter bubble.” Maybe it played out more as a #LikeSurge celebration of a long astrological new year.

I’ve never been too heavy a user of Facebook (FB). I mostly just post news, information, and art related to my Wiki World Order interests. I usually quickly scroll through my main feed which filter bubbles towards my ‘Close Friends’ (FB setting) and posts relevant to my interests. Then once every month or two I open up a couple dozen profiles I’m most curious about and check out their last couple months of activity for gems. And that’s pretty much it, generally using it less than a couple hours per week.

So over the course of a few long sessions, I slowly scrolled down the list of ALL my 1,300 Facebook friends and opened the vast majority of profiles (lost track of the last couple hundred since the sorting changes every page load). On each friend’s profile, my goal was to find at least one posting, photo, or something to Like…which I legitimated liked, thought was beautiful, or interesting. It was very rarely difficult to find a couple things to honestly Like within a minute, and of course, I ended up exploring some heartier profiles extra.

If nothing else, it was connective and very satisfying to do some baseline FB ‘stalking’ of all my friends at once…a massive update on hundreds of old friends’ lives I’ve completely lost touch with (except for still being FB friends). It also felt selfish but wonderful to know that each of these beautiful people would get a little notification saying that Morgan PeaceRevolution Lesko had Liked some digital thing of theirs, dramatically improving the chance of them recognizing the thoughts of Love in their specific direction.

After the experiment was as done as it was going to get, I immediately noticed changes in how Facebook’s algorithms were feeding me information. To further encourage these filter shifts, I removed all categorizations of some friends as “Close Friends.” And for at least a few weeks, the friends’ whose posts were included in my main feed were noticeably diversified. Unfortunately, the effects faded a bit over the last two months with minimal Facebook interaction.

But I recommend that anyone who uses Facebook (at all) periodically try going through as many of their FB Friends as possible. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn, and how much you can remove some filters on the information you tend to see most. Some experts making a big deal about the Internet creating filter bubbles have a kernel of truth, but it is just a tool and what matters is how we use it.

The power is in our hands to take in as broad a diversity of information as possible. Our power to use critical thinking to weigh and reason real evidence, remove contradictions, and come to more accurate conclusions. Take that, filter bubble fear-mongers.

Tree of Love – New WWO Animation with Fractal Hearts

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Alternatively, a version with a Bjork & Massive Attack mash-up, Angel Full of Love:
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Alternatively, a version with music from Nausicaa:
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(blocked by YouTube for ‘intellectual property’, updated version coming later)

I have posted a few still as posters on my Zazzle store and more variations should be online soon, if you want to support my work and/or hang around with my art:


Adventure Cat To Occupy Bilderberg 2012!

A video short by Wiki World Order for Occupy Bilderberg.

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ADVENTURE CAT: What’re you guys doin’ this weekend?


ADVENTURE CAT: Well did you hear what’s happening? May 31st through June 3rd?

SIBLING CATS: Meh, we are impressively comfortable.

ADVENTURE CAT: It’s Bilderberg 2012!



SIBLING CATS: Bild-err-What?

ADVENTURE CAT: The Bilderberg Group is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 150 guests from North America and Western Europe, most of whom are people of influence. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications. Meetings are closed to the public. (source: Wikipedia)

SIBLING CATS: Where’s the conference this year?

ADVENTURE CAT: It’s at the Westfields Marriot by Dulles Airport in Chantilly, Virginia. If my friend Morgan still lived in Washington DC, he would be there in half a heartbeat — half an hour actually — and beg everyone he knows in the area to PLEASE check it out.

SIBLING CATS: Sooo, why does this matter?..powerful people meet all the time.

ADVENTURE CAT: They sure do, but usually meetings this big are much more public and universally covered for at least a few news cycles. Think about how much media attention NATO summits get…or the Oscars, or NFL Drafts.

SIBLING CATS: OH yea! Who won the Oscars?

ADVENTURE CAT: WHO CARES?! But guess who attended the Bilderberg Conference last year?… (show list of attendees)

SIBLING CATS: WOW! What a collection of some of the biggest public players in the world.

ADVENTURE CAT: No joke! Talk about the 1%…Bilderberg is the 0.00000002%.

SIBLING CATS: Why haven’t we heard of this before?!

ADVENTURE CAT: Participants agree to keep details spoken at the meetings from the public, so these world leaders can speak more frankly. So the mainstream media has hardly ever mentioned it until the past few years with knowledge spreading across the internet.

SIBLING CATS: So if these meetings are behind closed doors, and invite-only, why are you going?



ADVENTURE CAT: Top politicians and businessmen are discussing plans for our world without transparency and therefore accountability. If they have our collective best interest in mind, what do they have to hide?…or why can’t they speak honestly to us like adults?

SIBLING CATS: Good points.

MOMMA CAT: That’s just a silly conspiracy theory.

ADVENTURE CAT: You’re a conspiracy theory.
Actually, the phrase “conspiracy theory” is mostly just used to get most people to disregard the alternative narrative being discussed. Where conspire is defined as ‘to act in harmony toward a common end,’ this is more conspiracy fact.

SIBLING CATS: Yea! And the Bilderberg Group seems to be the world’s most public steering committee. The attendees can both help manifest the plans toward their common ends, as well as take advantage of knowing what this powerful crowd hopes will happen in the next year.

ADVENTURE CAT: That sure does seems to be the case, and other organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission spend more of the year hashing out more concrete policy details, plans, and drafting legislation.

MOMMA CAT: What if you’re put on some terrorist watch list or NDAA-ed out of your relative freedom.

ADVENTURE CAT: This is no time to let such fears beat us, mom. If we don’t have at least a voice, we don’t have anything. And there is WAY too much going on ‘in our name’ to be passive. Anyone with half a whisker of my curiousity should seriously check it out.
Occupy Bilderberg!

SIBLING CATS: Occupy Bilderberg!

ADVENTURE CAT: Occupy Bilderberg!

SIBLING CATS: Occupy Bilderberg!

ADVENTURE CAT: Occupy Bilderberg!

SIBLING CATS: Occupy Bilderberg!


“Trumpets of Revelation My Ass” -Flash Gordon

My good friend Christopher “Flash” Gordon strikes again!..with a funny response to the video meme of “Strange Sounds” and “Trumpets of Revelation” tied in with all-purpose 2012 fear mongering: