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Solar Bicycle Camper Trailer, Initial Plans

The next experiment for Wiki World Order!.. While I want to spend many months of future years on an organic community farm, I also hope to travel more while still becoming more self-sustainable. I plan to build a trailer I can tow with a bicycle, can give me all the electricity I need, and that I can sleep in if I choose…aka portable living off the grid. Below, I have listed out my documented plans […]

June 25: David Tat Chow’s Full Circle Farm Burned Down After Illegal U.S. Bank Foreclosure And Sale

On June 24th, 2012 David Tat Chow and those of us renting rooms on Full Circle Farm attempted to collect the property we still had on the farm during the time schedule with Anthony Vasquez, but cancelled at the last minute. This was after 12 days without being able to arrange an appointment, and only three days left to legally collect our property without consequences. Police arrived, informed us we were trespassing, but then allowed […]

Occupy National Gathering Sleepful Protests – Dreaming of Arresting the Banksters

Since the city of Philadelphia has relatively lax laws for sleeping in the sidewalks, dozens of Occupiers would hold “Sleepful Protests” each night in front of different banks. The general idea was to raise awareness about the criminal big banks, foreclosures, and the homeless. It was my first time ever sleeping on city sidewalks, but surrounded by my beautiful brothers and sisters it felt wonderful. <3

BUYERS BEWARE – Full Circle Farm Update, Sacramento, CA

Here is an Immediate Need for Justice Reform Action Alert Regarding — 7650 RESERVOIR ROAD SACRAMENTO CA. 95837-9313 — Warning! by ~ Rev. A. Odeye My name is: Rev Ashiya Odeye. I am a Board member of the Sacramento chapter of the ACLU. I am Executive Director of the Justice Reform Coalition (JRC), a civil rights advocacy and citizens over site organization headquartered in Sacramento, California. The JRC was founded in 2005. I am Reverend […]

Sacramento County Recorder Passes The Buck, Full Circle Farm Still Evicted

Download High Quality Video: Cross-Posted:  On June 13th, Full Circle Farm was evicted from it’s illegal foreclosure fight and organic community garden. The rightful owner, David “Tat” Chow, and his roommates are now homeless and were hoping for the best from a meeting called with the Sacramento County Recorder on June 22nd. For more background on our situation, please check out Mr. Vasquez and crew, thank you for not letting most of our […]

Anthony Vasquez Evicts Full Circle Farm!

Download High Quality Video: Cross-Posted: Full Circle Farm is a beautiful ~3 acre property in north Sacramento OWNED by David “Tat” Chow where he has lived nearly his whole life. A community garden with budding fruits and veggies is/was thriving with several farm animals and hard-working and passionate people. “For the past two years the U.S. Bank has now been using forged and fraudulent documents, illegal and underhanded tactics, spousal fraud, as well as the failure […]

Adventure Cat To Occupy Bilderberg 2012!

A video short by Wiki World Order for Occupy Bilderberg. Download High Quality Video: ADVENTURE CAT: What’re you guys doin’ this weekend? SIBLING CATS: Sleeping, DUH! ADVENTURE CAT: Well did you hear what’s happening? May 31st through June 3rd? SIBLING CATS: Meh, we are impressively comfortable. ADVENTURE CAT: It’s Bilderberg 2012! SIBLING CATS: Build-A-Bear? ADVENTURE CAT: No SIBLING CATS: Bild-err-What? ADVENTURE CAT: The Bilderberg Group is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately […]

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