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After over five years of periodic research and great focus for the past six months, I am finally publishing a four-part essay with video versions. thoroughly discusses my preferred solutions to environmental problems…as well as the serious lack of observational evidence for the theory of catastrophic man-made climate change, and its consensus.

Here are brief summaries of my four related essays (videos’ total running time: 70 minutes)…

SolarNotBombs.orgEssay 1. Strategic Solutions: Military AND Climate Change Budgets Should Be Directly Kickstarting Big Solar (home page)
YouTube Video

Might we have more than 95% certainty that reallocating preexisting taxes directly for gigawatts of solar technologies would provide profound expansions of the still fledgling solar industry? Not just over many decades, but this year?

If there is already a consensus on man-made climate change and the science is settled, then shouldn’t spending far more directly go into existing solutions instead of continuing to study the problem and potential future solutions. What if ALL Federal Climate Change Funding had gone directly into purchasing solar technologies? If we had chosen this strategy in 1993, the total value of U.S. solar installations would have been about $132 billion larger in 2013, about 10 times larger than our current solar capacity. If we had devoted half of the military budget since 1993, the total value of U.S. solar installations would have been closer to $5.8 trillion larger in 2013, about 416 times larger than our current solar capacity (141% of consumption needs).

Essay 2. IPCC Models vs. IPCC Data
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We are maybe halfway through the first experiment/test of the theory of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Models (CAGWM). IF ‘the data is in’, the ‘science is settled’, and the relevant time period of this experiment is only 25 years, then we could more confidently reject the theory than endorse it based on the data observed thus far. I would stop blanket ridiculing all “skeptics” on principle, and definitely stop using the emotionally charged label “deniers.” This kind of attitude has greatly helped fuel some of our domestic renewable enemies between the divided and conquered left and right.

Essay 3. Warm Consensus Pie
YouTube Video

I wanted to take a closer look at the 97% climate change consensus study seen everywhere. What surprised me most?..Scientific Consensus on Climate Change: 0.6% of papers endorse a position which can be proven false, quantifiably. It is far more interesting and informative to look at the subset of peer-reviewed papers which the Cook et al. 2013 meta-analysis claims to have actually provided a quantified position endorsing or rejecting the theory.

Essay 4. About the Author & Bigger Picture
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Claiming ‘consensus’ and ‘settled science’ decades before observations can firmly endorse or reject the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Models is hurting the credibility of the scientific method in public discourse. Furthermore, if outgrowing fossil fuels is politically dependent on such a complex climate theory requiring so many more decades to be verified, it is extremely vulnerable to failure. We need – and have – better reasons than this one theory. “Solar Not Bombs” is not a think tank nor any type of organization. It is just a bumper-sticker-level catch phrase for my proposed solutions.

… My Motives, Potential Motives for Scientists, Potential Motives for Oligarchs, Final Personal Thoughts…


Solar Bicycle Camper Trailer, Initial Plans

The next experiment for Wiki World Order!..
While I want to spend many months of future years on an organic community farm, I also hope to travel more while still becoming more self-sustainable. I plan to build a trailer I can tow with a bicycle, can give me all the electricity I need, and that I can sleep in if I choose…aka portable living off the grid.

Below, I have listed out my documented plans of some general features, details on solar setup, and some illustrated mock-ups. ANY constructive feedback and advice on any aspect of these plans would be greatly appreciated (especially electrical/solar experience), as I of course haven’t built something quite like this before. Thank you so much!

Overall loaded trailer weight will likely be 300-400 pounds, and would like to occasionally tow a hop-on or two. So I will definitely need to connect brakes to the trailer tires. I will probably end up adding an optional electric motor to the front tire of the bicycle (likely recumbent) for visits to Colorado, and hopefully further around the Americas later if I master the lifestyle before growing crazy strong legs.

The solar power setup needs to be able to run a two laptops, and two mobile phones almost 24/7 if needed it. I’ll need a small collection of LED lights for any night biking, and likely daytime use of a hot plate. Would occasionally (~a night or two a week) like to watch movies or VJ sets with a projector and some reasonably powered sound. Might add a web cam or two for live stream documentation and ‘security’ while on the slow solo road.

With free workshop space and help from a friend, I hope to be able to build my whole neo-hippie travel home for less than three or four grand. It will need to be painted fun too.

Current Solar Power Plans

Below are the ~ideal components and price points I have found online that I think would both meet my power needs and actually function properly together. These components weigh about 115 lbs, and cost at least about $1,400. I am having trouble finding a local place to buy two solar panels…at all in the San Francisco area, so advice on this front would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

2x HELIOS 300W, 72 Cell, 24V MODULES, $328 each at Backwoods
2x 300W ~= 600W at ~24V with ~25amp
MorningStar C-TriStar 60 Amp Volt 12/24/48 PWM Charge Controller, $191 or $230 at Backwoods
2-4x “UPG” SLA AGM BATTERY, 12 volt, 100 amp, $156.50 each (more specs)
Two-four of these wired for 24V at 100-200amp
Power Bright ML900-24 900 Watt 24 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC Power Inverter, $86

Illustrated Mock-Ups

Canna-Fractal 1: Legalize It! (Marijuana / Pot Leaf Fractal Animation)

NO ONE should be punished for what they put into their own bodies, absent harm to others.

$1 TRILLION have been used over the last 40 years for the War On Drugs.

In 2010, 4.6 million people still used marijuana on a daily or almost daily basis (over a 12-month period).

In 2010, over 850,000 people were arrested for marijuana offenses, 88% of those were for possession only.

In 2009, over 2 MILLION Americans were incarcerated, with a total of over 7 MILLION under control of the U.S. ‘corrections’ system. (this and next 3 stats are not just from marijuana)

Globally, the U.S. has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of it’s prisoners.

1 IN 15 black males 18 or older were incarcerated in the U.S. in 2006.

In the city of Juarez, Mexico, cartels (empowered by our drug laws) murdered 3,111 civilians in 2010.


Hemp, if not grown for medicine, is an ancient source of nutritious food, fuel, shelter, paper, fabric, rope, much more…and can probably save the world.

ZERO people have ever died from marijuana use alone…in recorded history.

“Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.” -Francis L. Young, DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge

Our bodies have specific cannabinoid receptors to receive active chemicals like those in marijuana.
No need for a couch or TV. We can also FOCUS on novel solutions to practical problems, and other times inspire to CREATE fun things like music and fractals.

“Our” drug laws do FAR more harm than drugs or drug users.

More information at

Please Get Involved!..,,,,,,,

This is what 5,380,840 pot leaves look like. Creative Commons: feel free to reuse and remix all art. High quality downloads at


Download High Quality Video: Canna-Fractal-1.divx (Save As)

Original WWO mix: It’d Be A Lot Cooler If We March On, with short samples from… Cypress Hill: Hits From The Bong; Basement Jaxx with Yoko Ono: Day of the Sunflowers; and Matthew McConaughey in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused.

Download Background Song: Wiki_World_Order-Itd_Be_A_Lot_Cooler_If_We_March_On.mp3 (Save As)

Raw Animation

Download Tiny Divx File: (1.5MB)
Download MOV File: (515MB)
Download Huge MOV File: (1.8GB)

Images – With Glow

Size (in pixels) White Background Transparent Background
6420×6420 Canna-Fractal-6420×6420-glow.png Canna-Fractal-6420×6420-glow-transparent.png
1000×1000 Canna-Fractal-1000×1000-glow.png Canna-Fractal-1000×1000-glow-transparent.png
200×200 Canna-Fractal-200×200-glow.png Canna-Fractal-200×200-glow-transparent.png

Images – Without Glow

Size (in pixels) White Background Transparent Background
6420×6420 Canna-Fractal-6420×6420.png Canna-Fractal-6420×6420-transparent.png
1000×1000 Canna-Fractal-1000×1000.png Canna-Fractal-1000×1000-transparent.png
200×200 Canna-Fractal-200×200.png Canna-Fractal-200×200-transparent.png

Zeitgeist Sacramento/Davis Whole Earth Festival Presentation (May 12)

Presentation by Zeitgeist Sacramento/Davis at the Whole Earth Festival on May 12th.

Full presentation in two parts:

*Disclaimer: Wiki World Order does not agree 100% with the Zeitgeist movement, but generally supports their work. I like most all the solutions involved, but think they shouldn’t be centralized.

Food World Order: Episode023 – Shudder Island (June 14, 2012)

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Food World Order: Episode022 – Potland, Oregon (May 31, 2012)

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Adventure Cat To Occupy Bilderberg 2012!

A video short by Wiki World Order for Occupy Bilderberg.

Download High Quality Video:

ADVENTURE CAT: What’re you guys doin’ this weekend?


ADVENTURE CAT: Well did you hear what’s happening? May 31st through June 3rd?

SIBLING CATS: Meh, we are impressively comfortable.

ADVENTURE CAT: It’s Bilderberg 2012!



SIBLING CATS: Bild-err-What?

ADVENTURE CAT: The Bilderberg Group is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 150 guests from North America and Western Europe, most of whom are people of influence. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications. Meetings are closed to the public. (source: Wikipedia)

SIBLING CATS: Where’s the conference this year?

ADVENTURE CAT: It’s at the Westfields Marriot by Dulles Airport in Chantilly, Virginia. If my friend Morgan still lived in Washington DC, he would be there in half a heartbeat — half an hour actually — and beg everyone he knows in the area to PLEASE check it out.

SIBLING CATS: Sooo, why does this matter?..powerful people meet all the time.

ADVENTURE CAT: They sure do, but usually meetings this big are much more public and universally covered for at least a few news cycles. Think about how much media attention NATO summits get…or the Oscars, or NFL Drafts.

SIBLING CATS: OH yea! Who won the Oscars?

ADVENTURE CAT: WHO CARES?! But guess who attended the Bilderberg Conference last year?… (show list of attendees)

SIBLING CATS: WOW! What a collection of some of the biggest public players in the world.

ADVENTURE CAT: No joke! Talk about the 1%…Bilderberg is the 0.00000002%.

SIBLING CATS: Why haven’t we heard of this before?!

ADVENTURE CAT: Participants agree to keep details spoken at the meetings from the public, so these world leaders can speak more frankly. So the mainstream media has hardly ever mentioned it until the past few years with knowledge spreading across the internet.

SIBLING CATS: So if these meetings are behind closed doors, and invite-only, why are you going?



ADVENTURE CAT: Top politicians and businessmen are discussing plans for our world without transparency and therefore accountability. If they have our collective best interest in mind, what do they have to hide?…or why can’t they speak honestly to us like adults?

SIBLING CATS: Good points.

MOMMA CAT: That’s just a silly conspiracy theory.

ADVENTURE CAT: You’re a conspiracy theory.
Actually, the phrase “conspiracy theory” is mostly just used to get most people to disregard the alternative narrative being discussed. Where conspire is defined as ‘to act in harmony toward a common end,’ this is more conspiracy fact.

SIBLING CATS: Yea! And the Bilderberg Group seems to be the world’s most public steering committee. The attendees can both help manifest the plans toward their common ends, as well as take advantage of knowing what this powerful crowd hopes will happen in the next year.

ADVENTURE CAT: That sure does seems to be the case, and other organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission spend more of the year hashing out more concrete policy details, plans, and drafting legislation.

MOMMA CAT: What if you’re put on some terrorist watch list or NDAA-ed out of your relative freedom.

ADVENTURE CAT: This is no time to let such fears beat us, mom. If we don’t have at least a voice, we don’t have anything. And there is WAY too much going on ‘in our name’ to be passive. Anyone with half a whisker of my curiousity should seriously check it out.
Occupy Bilderberg!

SIBLING CATS: Occupy Bilderberg!

ADVENTURE CAT: Occupy Bilderberg!

SIBLING CATS: Occupy Bilderberg!

ADVENTURE CAT: Occupy Bilderberg!

SIBLING CATS: Occupy Bilderberg!


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Oregon water + Hanford, headlines, coffee time and more…

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