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Understanding Privilege – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: I have been born with a tremendous amount of privilege.  I am a straight white male, who grew up in an upper middle-class, Christian home.  All of these different accidental properties of my identity and upbringing carry with them unearned advantages.  These unearned advantages are called “privilege”.  I do not feel guilty about this, nor should I.  Part of the very definition of “privilege” is “unearned”.  It is merely an accident, chance, […]

Empathizing with Your Shadow Side – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: We all have a shadow side.  A side of you that you don’t want others to see or notice.  I know I have a shadow side.  There are opinions, feelings, and parts of my personality which I don’t want other people to see.  And it’s not just that I don’t want other people to see them, I also judge those parts of myself as “wrong”, “bad”, or “deficient” Do you know what […]

Global Warming Hiatus… is on Pause


Thank you to James Corbett for replying to my question about NOAA’s 2015 study, Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus, and public article, Science publishes new NOAA analysis: Data show no recent slowdown in global warming. NOAA’s new claim includes that “New analyses with these data demonstrate that incomplete spatial coverage also led to underestimates of the true global temperature change previously reported in the 2013 IPCC report.” SHOW NOTES: […]

Celebration – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: It is important to regularly celebrate.  Now that may sound simple, trite, and obvious; however, do you do it?  I know that you celebrate when something big and exciting happens.  You celebrated when you graduated from school.  When you got a new job.  When you met someone that you love.  But did you celebrate when after a long day of stress and obligations you got to finally sit and rest?  Did you […]

Perspectives On Terrorism


      “Govenment agents ‘directly involved’ inmost high-profile US terror plots” -London Guardian “Of the more than 150 defendants [since 9/11], an FBI informant not only led one of every three terrorist plots, but also provided all the necessary weapons, money, and transportation.” -Mother Jones: Inside the Terror Factory “In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on […]

The Busyness Drug – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: How long can you just sit still and not do anything? A minute?  Ten minutes?  Thirty?  A whole hour?  When do you start getting uncomfortable and start saying ‘I’ve got to find something to do!’? I’d be willing to bet that after caffeine and alcohol, busyness is the third biggest drug in America.  We want to stay active.  Life is easier and simpler when we have something to do.  If we’re just […]

How to Say “I’m Sorry” – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: We all make mistakes.  We all do things to intentionally hurt others.  We all need to be forgiven. Asking for forgiveness is hard.  It requires us to admit that we’ve done something we’re not proud of.  It may require us to admit to ourselves that we’ve done something against our own moral values.  Asking for forgiveness requires humility. I don’t know about you, but I have a very hard time with this. […]

Sexy Minds Think Methodically

Sexy Minds Think Methodically

Between INPUT and OUTPUT, don’t forget to enjoy PROCESSING …everything. Sexy Minds Think Methodically. Have You Tried The Trivium? ” Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. ” -Viktor E. Frankl This has been my latest attempt to help re~brand critical thinking as sexy. Feedback welcome on the Facebook. Shareable image on […]

Play – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: When was the last time you just played? Remember when you were a kid, and you could just be lost for hours in your room playing?  Or you were out with friends in the woods exploring and creating elaborate fantasy worlds together?  Or even just at the end of the street playing games that brought you and your friends closer together? When was the last time you played like that? In the […]

Molding Minds (Reading Rainbow Video Remix)

Molding Minds (Reading Rainbow Video Remix)

Juxtaposed movie samples provide a loose alternate interpretation for the very first episode of Reading Rainbow. This is a primary segment of the episode, sharing a process of industrially manufacturing bowling balls. When I watched the original for the first time in thirty years, the words felt analogous to the modern process of filling fledgling minds with ideas. As each mind is molded, beyond information, style variations are minimized to a handful of useful or […]

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