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Coding with Laravel: Installing Homestead on a Mac

I have only been learning Laravel for a year, but below is the Homestead install process which has worked best for me. Homestead is Laravel’s own development environment, powered by Vagrant. (Replace all references to “ProjectName” with a short name for your own project.) Install XCode from the App Store. Open it, and accept the user agreement. Install VirtualBox: Install Vagrant: To the command line (Mac OS Terminal, or iTerm)! Create local ssh […]

Cannabis for President 2016


During the 2016 general election, nine states had ballot initiatives for to loosen their marijuana laws. Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada voted on legalization. Arkansas, Florida, and Montana voted on medical marijuana, and North Dakota voted on expanding their medical program. Eight out of nine measures were passed by voters in those states, Arizona being the only one to fail. After hearing that marijuana got more votes than either presidential candidate (in the states […]

A Time for Healing – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: The election is over. It was a long and bitter primary season and then election season.  On all sides there were angry and divisive attacks and accusations made.  And now living in the aftermath of a Trump’s election there are many seeds that could further the fractured and divided state of our nation. Now is a time for healing. Please, bring all that you’ve learned about Compassionate Communication into your political dialogues […]

Hemp Jetsons

Imagine what we’ll do with more hemp than we can imagine… Hemp Jetsons Fuel, Food, Feed, Paper, Cloth, Rope, Oils, Plastics, “Hempcrete” and countless other Building Materials.

Don’t worry, we’ll just censor the “alt-right” sites.


Don’t worry, we’ll just censor the “alt-right” sites. The New York Times and CNN would never publish fake news provided by corporations or intelligence agencies. Unfortunately, Facebook censorship is not new. Gizmodo, Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News Quartz, A complete guide to all the things Facebook censors hate most – More interesting starting points for your own research… – Carl Berstein, THE CIA AND THE MEDIA: How Americas Most Powerful News Media […]

Post-Election Connection with Darrell Becker (Voluntary Visions)


Cross-Posted: Audio: Darrell Becker, Morgan Lesko, and Katie Stone try to start figuring out how to building bridges of empathy in this moment. No matter the outcome of the 2016’s America’s Next Top President, this country was always going to need the skills sets which Darrell Becker explores and teaches at Given Trump’s victory, which seems to have surprised most of the world, our culture could benefit from building some of the […]

“The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible”, by Charles Eisenstein


Published 2013, p.68 A friend recently asked me, “If it is true that we live at a unique juncture in the planet’s history, when all great beings have gathered for the crucial moment of humanity’s birthing, then why do we not see the great avatars and miracle-workers of yesteryear?” My answer was that they are here, but they are working behind the scenes. One of them might be a nurse, a garbage man, a […]

Empathy: What Brings Us Together – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: If you’re wondering why the world seems to be tearing itself apart, the answer is simple: lack of empathy. Empathy is the art of experiencing the feelings and the worldview of another as if it were your own, without losing that “as if” quality.  Empathy is when your friend is angry at their boss and you can stand with them in their anger, and feel it with them, without trying to fix […]

Do We Even Know What We Want? – by Kind Communication

Re-posted From: How often do I find myself upset and complaining about a situation to a friend, and they ask me ‘well, how do you specifically want it to be different?’ and I have no answer?  Uncomfortably too often. Sure, I can say that I want more respect, or I want more support, or I want more help, but when pushed to get specific about what it looks like to have more respect, support, […]

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