SyFy’s Helix, “There can be only 500″ & Georgia Guidestones?

The SyFy channel’s series Helix, episode 10: Fushigi, features an ‘immortal’ saying “Tell him there are rules we must follow. There can be no more than five hundred.” (ep. 10, 28:45). Searching google, I did not find the following mentioned anywhere else on blog posts or fan page comments, so wanted to point out that I immediately heard this as a possible reference to the Georgia Guidestones. This mysterious monument erected in 1980 includes ten principles, the first of which reads, “1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” (7 billion minus 93% ~= 500 million)

I found this series on Netflix and watched (or listened) to it primarily to study the development of the pandemic/zombie meme. Up until this episode, I found somewhat average, largely unimpressive, suspense-based fear-mongering and social conditioning teaching to obey in the case of a CDC-style emergency. I did notice the ‘good guys’ successfully using an LRAD, a modern police crowd-control weapon (ep 8, 27:00). But this was the first line which caught what little the esoteric side my ears can pick up. I was very surprised not to find a rash of comments regarding this likely reference given the show’s plot of a planned elite~corporate~military bio-weapon genocide (with cure for the few).

If not a direct reference to population control and man-made viral genocide, how close might the 500 hundred number be to the central families of the world, passing down top-of-the-food-chain power [coincidentally] through a relatively controlled genetic line? I heard countless vague claims that the inner controllers of the world can sit around one table, but never heard that the number is 500. Corporate persons are indeed immortal, and there is a list of the Fortune 500, but no presumed limit to this number. On the lighter side of interpretations, the mental viruses of ideas continue to aggressively spread amongst the masses (like the belief in the just power of a state) keeping ‘mortals’ in their place. Either way, this particular line of dialogue, and element of the narrative hit me like a half-ton of bricks.

Perhaps SyFy regulars (and TV viewers generally) should balance a bit more fact in their informational diet to get much more food for thought from their ~fiction of choice. Most programming, especially science fiction, often drives home far more conditioning than entertainment…for example, read Brave New World and look around.

SyFy Helix - Georgia Guidestones

WWUD? Golden Rulectangle Graphic Series

What Would yoU Do? This is just a little graphic series I felt compelled to create recently. A Golden Rule through its rectangle, related fibonacci spiral, and other symbolic favorites mashed here. Then combined with different expressions related to the Golden Rule as one rosetta stone to determining the best ways to navigate natural law.

Please feel free to play with these, share them on Facebook, etc:

All creative commons 2014

Never Forget, It Wasn’t… (Facebook Cover Image)

Never Forget, It Wasn’t Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Libya, or Syria, or Iran,…

#WhenInOceania, do as the Oceanians do.
“You know, we don’t do body counts,” Gen. Tommy R. Franks

~3,000 Initial Victims
~1,400 First Responders
~6,700 U.S. Troops
~3,000 Contractors
~90,000 Veteran Suicides since ’03
~U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights
~?,!00,000 Middle Easterners

Because it is
not a war ON terror,
but a war OF terror.

I had surprising trouble finding that number since the government seems to only release veteran suicides as a daily average. I estimated this number based off of this report, I used those listed averages (19-22/day) for 2003-2010, kept 22/day for 2011-2014, and found this big cumulative total. It’s remarkable how much better “22 suicides a day” can sound than “8,030 suicides a year”.

Veteran Suicides Table

The Shape: Happy Travels – Music Video by WWO

Journey of some basic and universally sacred geometries through recursive animations, plus a bit. Triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, merkabas, peace & love fractalized vesica piscis, all animated rescursively. Made for my good friends The Shape – Happy Travels: –

Open Source Animation! Download After Effects files and swap in anything you like to render these with:
Component animations for music video…

More on Sacred Geometry: New Splash Page by WWO

As I shift a bit towards exercising more creative outlets, I’ve wrapped up another pure art project for my good friends’ band, The Shape. Using silly skills I’ve periodically played with for half my life, I’ve finally completed some 28 animated GIFs to bring their beautifully painted album cover and turn it into their new splash page.

Into Trenches album cover painted by Jon Weiss, oil on canvas. Painting scan by Hanson Digital. Animation by Morgan Lesko using GIMP & GIFfun. Best viewed full screen.

Intraspecific Kleptoparasites! Peace Revolution ep 60 (WWO Remix)

Please check out the entire Peace Revolution episode 060: The Invisible Empire of The New World Order / You Can Hear It, If You Listen. This clip only highlights intraspecific kleptoparasitic Rockefellers, rational decisions, and more!

Full Episode:

Download Video:

Intraspecific Kleptoparasitism (David Rockefeller political cartoon)

For the record…

  • that is David Rockefeller’s normal face pulled from the Associated Press,
    but he is only metaphorically that ripped
  • metaphorical blood in graphic may appear smaller than in reality
  • pile of reserve notes in graphic may appear smaller than in reality
  • babies sometimes are that cute

Peace Revolution episode 060: The Invisible Empire of The New World Order / You Can Hear It, If You Listen

Defining the Corporate-Industrial Complex (New World Order)

This animation was made about a year ago for a future episode spent better explaining the general structure of the New World Order (NWO) aka the Corporate-Industrial Complex. With no plans currently in sight for that episode, I am uploading the animation with my first song on top for your viewing and remixing pleasure.