Month: February 2010

Revolving Door Reversal! Brief Case Study with Swine Flu

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, until just a few months ago he was a leader of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, the oldest institution uniting Europe since 1949, now representing 47 countries. He obtained his postgraduate qualifications in internal medicine and pneumology, in public health, social medicine, hygiene and environmental medicine in Germany and further training in epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University. After resigning he immediately joined the fraud investigation regarding the Swine Flu Panic […]

A CONCEPT: Wikication, a Wiki-Based Education Curriculum

So i had an idea this week which i’m throwing out there:, but they promptly notified that it would be deleted for not being a real thing so… Here is a copy of how it’s been started… Goals – Foster curiosity and ability to research and think critically, by allowing students wider flexibility in study topics. Develop a more balanced history of the world based on less biased minds, if […]

Homework Revisited – Even Better Media Tips

Over the last six months i have had deep, satisfying, and encouraging discussions with many of my friends and it seems that many ideas are just under the skin of many people. In this process, i have learned of more great options for media to help introduce these ideas to newcomers who have not already been hooked into researching random topics more deeply. The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear (BBC […]